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Group B strep

Does anyone else have Group B strep?  How did you find out you had it?  Are you being treated or were you treated?

I found out because a week ago today I started spotting, called the midwife, and she asked if I was having contractions.  My response...Not that I'm aware of and I'm pretty sure I'd know.  Well, appearently I didn't know because she had me go to labor and delivery, they hooked me up to the monitors and I was having contractions about every 12 minutes...and STILL wasn't feeling them.  Luckily they stopped on their own though, so no mediction or bed rest was needed.

Anyway, they did a bunch of different tests and the only one I had to wait for was the Group B strep test.  Got it on onday at my regular midwife appointment and it came back positive.  They aren't going to treat me for it though until I go into labor because I'm right on the fence of treat - don't treat.  So instead I'll just have the IV antibiotics a few times during labor.  I'm just praying that my little guy won't get the infection and the IV will work 100%. 

Re: Group B strep

  • I will be tested at my 36 week appointment.  It's pretty common though.  My understanding is that if I test positive for Group B Strep - I will just be given antibiotics during labor.  No biggie.
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  • Its really common for women to be GBS +....The chance of passing it on is VERY slim. I wouldn't worry.

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  • I had it with my son and it is just as the pp said - they will give you antibiotics during labor. It's not a big deal, just disappointing if you had planned to labor at home like I did. Had to go to the hospital so I could have the antibiotics.
  • I have it. I'll get two bags of antibiotics in the hospital and all should be fine.  Don't worry! 
  • I had it with DD. I found out via the standard test that they did at either 36 or 37 weeks. I got IV antibiotics during labor. It wasn't a big deal at all -- they just hooked the antibiotics up to my hep lock and ran them for about 15 minutes every few hours. My daughter was fine.

    Keep in mind that your child has about a 1% chance of getting GBS if you do not get antibiotics. The chances are about 1 in 3000 with at least two rounds of antibiotics during labor. Don't be scared about it.

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  • Yes I was diagnosed with it yesterday and immediately ran home and got on here and asked for advice..lol...From what i understand it's not that big of deal and since i will be having a c-section i will be on antibiotics anyway..but she told me it's nice to know in case my water breaks before the schedule you can let the nurses know at the hospital while you are waiting for your ob so they can start the antibiotics..the wonderful ladies on here reassured me it's not a big deal so i am not gonna panic..lol
  • Had my gbs swab on Monday. I won't find out if I have it till my next appointment (2 weeks) unless I call. My doc says it's so common and it's just antibiotics through IV...which i'll probably be having an IV anyway due to wanting the epi.
  • Just to warn you. I had my strep B test done 2 days before my water broke and when nI did go into labor the results were not back yet (Thanksgiving) so during labor I needed the IV. My son also needed the anitbiotic and was in the hospital for 7 days hooked up to an IV. 

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  • i was just stressing about this last week! I just talked to my doctor yesterday and he was not concerned at all! He told me that i will get an antibiotic during labor and it should clear out of my system before LO comes out! Try not to stress about it!
  • Thanks Ladies!  You know how stressed you get about things in the pregnancy.  It's nice to have someone to talk to about it and get support from (on one in my family has even had it and my sister who have a baby 5 years ago didn't even know that she was tested for it).  So thank you VERY MUCH!  Have a great holiday everyone.
  • They test you around 36-37 weeks. My test came back positive.  It's not a big deal.  Just have to get a dose of antibiotics when you are in labor. 
  • i just found out yesterday that i have it... yay
  • I'm pos as well as 20% of us :)

    No biggie, just don't labor at home forever... get to the hospital, get your antibiotics and forget about it :)

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