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Do I need a "diaper bag"?

I'm a big believer that I should decorate and stylize my whole baby situation for me and not the baby since she won't have her own opinion for a few years.

That being said, there aren't really any decently priced baby bags that appeal to me. Do I really need a "diaper bag", or can I survive with a large purse with some extra organization on my part?

Please give me some suggestions as to which accessories I should invest in to supplement the lack of extra pockets that most diaper bags have.


Re: Do I need a "diaper bag"?

  • my friend was just telling me yesterday that she just gets large purses and throws things in there if she's just going out for a bit.  It its a whole day thing maybe you'd need it
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  • This kind of makes me laugh, because you're basically looking for a purse that will do everything a diaper bag does, without being a diaper bag. 

    Of course you can make it work. You don't really need a million pockets if you don't want them... otherwise, you could always... buy a diaper bag. 

  • I have a friend that used a back pack. She said it was great, and with the two shoulder straps, she didn't ever have to worry about it slipping down when she would pick up the carrier etc. Lots of pockets, and plain black so her Dh wouldn't mind carrying it too!
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  • Just go with a diaper bag. There are a lot of nice ones every where for pretty cheap. I got two at my showers. They were about 20-30 each.
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  • The only thing I can think of that would make a purse less practicable than a diaper bag is that most purses aren't easy to wipe down. My SIL's diaper bag is constantly getting crumbs, juice, water, etc. spilled in it from my nieces/nephew.
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  • Go with a "work tote".

    But it will be destroyed. Purses aren't meant to hold leaky diapers and bottles and spilled bags of Cheerios.

    Good luck! Yes

  • i found a really nice black one on clearance at BRU and it was only $15! If you keep looking I'm sure you'll find one. Otherwise I don't see a problem with using a really big purse as long as you don't mind it getting ruined
  • I would hope so... I'm doin' it.  I'm just not into stuff that won't be useful in the future.  I went with the Grande LV Totally just so I can have a forever carry-on when baby gets older!

    Good luck with your purchase!  And FYI: many many Burberry bags in coated canvas are now made so that they can really be super-wiped down.  I was just checking them out the other day.  LV's coated canvas is the same too.

  • "Leaky diapers" scares me !! But it does help me think about what I should be looking for in an interior. I did pick out a cute one on my registry but I'm going to have to see it in person.

     I was also thinking about a really cute one from Target or something. This way if i do have to toss it, I don't feel too bad about it.


  • Just another option to consider, as far as the 'wipeability' and leaky things...

    I carry a Timbuk2 totebag for DD and it has a waterproof interior and I just turn it inside out and wipe it out if snacks spill or a sippy leaks.  Works great for us - and it has all the pockets I could possibly want. 

  • they do make a lot of smaller organization tools, like diaper "wallets" that hold a few diapers but fit can be put in a purse... BRU has a ton and so does target... might help contain things if you choose not to get a second bag for baby things.
  • I just bought mine (literally 20 minutes ago) and will use it as a purse/diaper bag/everything bag. I'm so excited!
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