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Okay, this may seem weird...I am 5.5 moths along and am starting to pop out just a bit. Up to this point, I've been dressing in such a way that "hides" my belly. Not because I do not want people to know, but just because I am stubborn and do not want to turn to maternity clothes quite yet! All of you others out there, around my time frame, have you been showing off your bellys? (If you have them yet) or still able to conceal?!

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  • I could conceal up until 2 weeks ago...maternity clothes are much more comfortable!
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  • I'm not "trying" to conceal, but my bump is tiny (I'm tall and very long through the waist).  I don't need maternity clothes yet so I haven't bothered to make the switch...I assume I'll get sick enough of maternity clothes in the later months.

    That being said, the next person that tells me "You don't even LOOK pregnant!" is getting throat-punched.  And, yes, I'm aware that that could be DH's grandmother at tomorrow's Christmas party.

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  • Im super short and having twins so I started to show pretty early.  When I could finally look in the mirror and think I looked pregnant, instead of gaining the freshman 15, I started to wear form fitting clothes again. 

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  • I'm 23 weeks and this is my 2nd so there is no denying it this time around.  I have a ton of maternity clothes so I've been wearing them and showing off because it's cute!  And this is my last so it's the last chance I'll get!
  • I've had a bump since about wk 12 & been in mat clothes since wk 15!
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  • I just popped in the last few days.  I've kind of been in denial since, but now I'm realizing I might have to switch to maternity clothes.  I'm also quite long waisted so it hasn't really shown.  to be honest, I'm just living in leggings and sweaters/tunics, which I find WAY more comfy.  I have the feeling that after Christmas it's going to be more obvious!
  • I actually popped rather early, specially since I am a bigger girl and have been showing the bump off since day one! Pregnant woman are BEAUTIFUL, maternity clothes are comfortable and this is probably the only time any of us will ever be happy to get bigger Big Smile

    I say, if you're comfortable with it, show it off. Bumps are just absolutely adorable!!!

  • I'm in the same type of situation. I have a very small bump right now so it's still that in between phase of, is she fat or pregnant? People say to me all the time, "Where is your bump? You are so small!" People that know me know my belly is super flat normally, so they know it's a tiny pregnant bump, but I feel like strangers probably think it's fat.

    I also refuse to do maternity clothes and am still in all my pre pregnancy stuff. So in my tops, it's like this weird looking bump to me that I can sort of hide in a top that's not skin tight.

    I feel like with such a small bump, how can I wear maternity tops? Are maternity tops form fitting? Should I be switching to those to try and show off what little bump I have?

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  • I was wearing all my normal clothes last week and 5 days later - pop - no pants fit anymore!

    So had a splurge at the maternity outlet mall and it's weird how much more pregnant you look in maternity clothes - rather than just fatter in normal clothes!


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