3rd Trimester

Internal and now back pain

Here I am at 3 am, sitting on the couch.  I had an internal exam yesterday that hurt really bad.  I swear the doctor was trying to reach my tonsils from the bottom up.  I noticed some back pain before I left the office.  Now I'm sitting here with more lower back pain.  I am 38 weeks pregnancy as of yesterday.  Oh the joys of the last days of pregnancy. :)  I was just hoping to hear from others who are experiencing the same. 

Happy Holidays!

Re: Internal and now back pain

  • Well, I've had the back pain off and on for most of the time, but I have a really bad back...being huge isn't helping me ;D

    But yeah, I had an internal yesterday that HURT.  Cramping a little this morning, so I'm hoping she got things rolling a bit....

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