3rd Trimester

Will you have visitors while laboring?

The only person that will be in the room for pushing/delivery is DH, but MIL mentioned stopping by between her errands on whatever day I go into labor.  I am not sure if I will want anyone around when I'm in pain :)

How does everyone else feel?

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Re: Will you have visitors while laboring?

  • With DD1 it was just me and DH and I kicked my mom out, even though I thought I made it perfectly clear before deliver that I didnt want anyone in with me except DH.  This time I hope to have it the same way.  I just told everyone that I will be in no mood to entertain.  I'll call you when you can come see the baby.
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  • Definitely a personal choice, but I wont mind having people in and out...maybe it will take away from some of the pain a little bit. Some people definitely would rather be in the zone and not want people to bother though

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  • I did and it was rather enjoyable and made the time go by faster... I did just have to give mom the ok I need space a few times but it wasnt bad at all.
  • I will allow anyone to see me before the actually pushing starts but once that begins only myself, DH, and hospital staff will be allowed in until the baby is born. 
  • no one should know when we go to the hospital if i have it my way.... other than that no one and I mean NO ONE besides DH is welcome
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  • We actually just talked about this tonight. We decided DH will call family when I go into labor (or get admitted for induction) and will call them with updates. We will call again once baby is here and we're ready for visitors. Neither of us want people popping in during labor and I would feel bad/distracted having people hang out in the waiting room.

    We will let everyone know the plans in the next day or so.


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  • I am not having visitors, only DH.  Still having trouble explaining that to the family, but we aren't telling anyone when we go into labor...that should solve the problem.
  • My hospital has a policy in place for flu season that only two people are allowed in the room the entire time you are in the hospital, so no visitors for us.  Just DH and MIL will be there and that's it.
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  • My hospital only allows three birth coaches while in L&D- no visitors. Visitors are allowed once you are transferred to the mother/baby unit.
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  • I don't want anyone in the hospital (including the waiting room) except my labor support people (DH and my mom, who is a maternity nurse).  They can be as involved as they want when there is an actual outside baby to see, but if they show up to "peek in" during labor I WILL have uninvited visitors (diplomatically) tossed out.

    This is mostly because MIL has anxiety issues and cannot handle any kind of stressful situation at all.  She has literally had full-blown meltdowns over making omelets.  And she tends to wind DH up right along with her, which I definitely do not need when I'm in labor.  We didn't want to make her feel left out by allowing others to visit but not her, so for the sake of fairness no one can visit until LO is out and we've all rested a bit.    


  • When I was in labot with DD we lied and told people I was just going for monitoring. It was the only benefit of being high risk and at the hospital a lot.  I didn't want MIL showing up just because.  We won't call anyone unitl LO is out, and I have had a chance to get up and around.  We learned our lesson the last time when DH called his mother and told her DD was here, and that he would call back when it was OK to visit.  They showed up 15 minutes later "because they just couldn't wait.'  Ugh.

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  • Outside of DH, my mom and dad will be in and out while I'm laboring, though only my mom and DH will be in the room when the baby is being born.
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  • I can't imagine wanting anyone there until the baby is born and I am comfortably rested and recovering in PP. My doula/SIL and DH will be the only people (besides medical personnel) who will see me in pain.
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  • Probably not-I do not want anyone else in there while I am in pain and there is a strict policy bc of the flu about visitors anyway.

  • I dont plan on using pain meds (epi) so I'll be more comfortable to labor without visitors, for sure! I'm hoping to keep the fact that I'm even in labor on the down low so no ones tempted to come before we're ready, but considering we need childcare for DS, it may be difficult to keep things quiet.?
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  • I played it by ear with my DS and will with this one too. I had an epi upon entering my room. I was in zero pain or discomfort and enjoyed having people in the room with us to pass the time until I was ready to push. When it was time to get checked everyone but DH would leave. They all left when it was time to push as well.
  • As of right now, I don't think I'll want visitors during labor. I plan to go med-free and feel like I will need to concentrate to deal with the pain. I don't like the idea of a bunch of people standing around trying to be social with me while I'm breathing through contractions.
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  • My dh and my sister but, she was there with ds and she's in nursing school.  I feel like dh might faint and barf.  I was thinking about maybe having a doula but, it's not covered by insurance apparently so we are not going to.  
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  • no, i don't want anyone else there other than DH.  I don't even want anyone waiting around in the hospital at all either.  We've already told our mom's that it's fine if they want to drive into town (mine lives about 4 hours away, DH's about 8), but that they can go hang out at our house and we'll call them when we're ready to see ppl, we don't want anyone at the hospital waiting.
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  • Our families will probably be in the waiting room, and while I'm in labor but not pushing they'll probably come visit me for short stretches of time.  When it comes to pushing, it'll just be DH and me.  We want our little family to start with just Mommy, Daddy, and Squirt in the room (and the hospital staff, of course).
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  • When I had my DD, my mom and MIL were there during the day.  I wasn't in pain...I had an epidural not long after they got there, but it was nice.  We watched tv, hung out, etc.  They left for the waiting room when it came time to push. 

    This time around, it will probably just be my mom, but I'd just tell her to come closer to when the baby is actually born.  My DD will be with my inlaws and she won't be allowed at the hospital.  She may just stay with my FIL and my MIL may come, but my FIL is a doctor and if he has to work, my MIL won't be able to.  We'll see.  I'm not too worried about it. 

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  • Probably my mom and MIL - though with mom and dad being away for a wedding a few days before my due date, who knows if she'll be there... I would have loved DH to be there as well, but he tends to get a bit panicky when I am in pain (as evidenced by a surgery I had earlier this year) and I really don't want that panic to be transferred to me. Maybe he can spend some time with me when I am labouring and then scoot when it gets too much to handle.
  • Nope.  Just DH and I until baby is born.


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  • image newslady:
    I will allow anyone to see me before the actually pushing starts but once that begins only myself, DH, and hospital staff will be allowed in until the baby is born. 


  • I lost all my modesty with my first birthing experience and this time around I could care less. If they really want to watch this process.... power to them I think its rather nasty! When the nurse put the mirror in front for me to watch I freeked out and couldn't watch! With that said whoever is curious and wants to watch go for it. I'm not watching!
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