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older children and SANTA

So i'm not concerned yet with my daughter (she's almost 3months) question is bf's daughter will be 13 in March and still believes in Santa. We were discussing that if she still ACTUALLY believed..or was just "pretending" think she would get more gifts. I don't know if it's just me..but I think being 13 is a little far for believe in bf agrees and tried to ask her mother about it.

Her Mother said she asked if Santa was real..and didn't want to ruin her belief and said that he is real...I don't agree with this.. i know I have no say because she is not my daughter..but I feel like she should know. Last year her classmates were teasing her that he wasn't real and she came home crying and said she still believed (she even mailed a letter to Santa)...what are you opinions?

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Re: older children and SANTA

  • She's a teenager now and I think she's old enough to know that he isn't real. Honestly we're not even doing "Santa" with our children at all and that is our own choice. But thirteen? That's quite excessive! She needs to start growing up or she is going to continue to be made fun of.
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  • And that's one of the reasons why we don't plan on promoting Santa as part of our Christmas celebration.
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  • I think it's a great idea for children to believe in Santa. It's fun. But 13 is a little old, specially when she is getting picked on. Her mom should tell her so she isn't made fun of anymore. That's gonna end up hurting her worse in the long run that her mom continued to lie to her while everyone made fun of her.

  • It's kind of refreshing to have a 13yo who isn't jaded and still has a level of naive innocence about her... but, yeah, kid should know about Santa at least by now. I think the fact that she's getting teased about it at school means it's time to break the news. I almost have to laugh though, b/c I teach kids this age, and can't think of a single one who would still believe in Santa- they're all way to grown up for their own good though, IMO.
  • I definately agree..I told my bf that we will leave like 2 gifts we got her for Christmas from Santa..but i spent $$ she's gonna know they are from us lol.

    She is definately naive...her parents had her young (my bf was 14, and her mother was 16)...and maybe it's the way I was raised..but I just feel as if they both baby her so much...I definately didn't believe in Santa at that age..even my 10yr old cousin now doesn't believe she she thinks it's silly his daughter believes. Her mom said that if she finds out that he's not real..she's going to tell her he was real and that once your old enough he's not real to you anymore..something ridiculous. ugh. hah it's nice to know that people agree with me though. my bf agrees but is hesitant and definately wouldn't tell her..i guess i'm just frustrated with how baby'd she is.

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  • In my family we never actually tell the kids Santa isn't real, we tell them if they don't believe they won't recieve.  We say this so they won't ruin it for the younger kids.  One of my nephews almost ruined it for my oldest daughter last year. I was so upset b/c she hadn't even started to question it.  It is a beautiful thing to see your pure child have such a beautiful imagination not tarnished by the outside world.  I look at her and she love how truly innocent she is.  I hope I can get another year or so of her believing just to see that is wonderful.
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