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Should I be worried?

I know I'm probably just being paranoid, but I kinda get worried about kick counts... from what I have read you should feel the baby move 10 times an hour...

My baby moves, and when she does she moves quite a bit and is very active usually for 15-30 minutes at a time, but I probably only feel her doing this 3-5 times a day... and it can be 2 or 3 hours in between where I dont feel her at all, sometimes it seems longer... Like I said, I'm probalby just worrying about nothing, but what do you think?

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Re: Should I be worried?

  • It's really hard for first time moms b/c sometimes you can't feel as much as you hope.  I felt 1/2 as much with my first as with my second.  If you are really concerned and your doctor doesn't mind, call and you can get checked out.  You might have the placenta in a spot that makes feeling the movement less likely.
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  • I dont do kick counts at all.. Ive only done them twice since turning 28 weeks.. and taht was because she wasnt doing her "normal" thing..

  • Each baby is different.  My LO is mostly active in the morning 8-10 am then sometimes also in the evenings 7-9 pm. 

    Today I was runing errands all morning so I haven't felt her much today.  Normally between 8 and 10 am I'm at work sitting at my desk so it is easy to feel movement. 

    It is more so being aware of what is the norm for your LO and if that changes then to call doc.

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  • Don't freak out. When kick counts are reccomended they tell you that you should feel the baby move about 10 time IN an hour, not 10 times an hour. And they reccomend that you lay down so that you can feel them. They only ask you to do this 2-3 times a day. My midwife doesn't reccomend kick counts because every baby is different. She says get to know my baby's movements and if I notcie something different from her usual routine, then I should do kick counts.
  • My doctor only recommends kick counts if I am concerned that LO isn't as active as normal...and he said 10 times in 2 hours.
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  • thats exactly how my LO is. i havent worried about it because that is whats normal for her. if youre concerned about it then just as your dr about it.
  • It's not 10 times an hour, it's 10 times in an hour when you are counting kicks. My dr said, as long as he's doing his "normal" amount of movement, then I shouldn't worry. IF I don't feel him as much one day, then I lay down and try to feel 10 movements in an hour. If I don't get 10, then I'd call dr.
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  • She's probably sleeping at lot during the day.  She may be active at night when you are asleep, so you don't feel her.  Or you might miss some of the smaller movements, because you are busy doing other things. 
  • At one point I was asked to record kick counts only once a day during LO's most active time. During that time period they wanted me to measure how long it took LO to move 10 times (an hour or less being the goal).

    IMO as long as your LO is this active during some portions of the day you're good. :)

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  • image sarajo317:

    I dont do kick counts at all.. Ive only done them twice since turning 28 weeks.. and taht was because she wasnt doing her "normal" thing..

    This exactly 

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  • That's why the docs tell you to do the kick counts 1 time during the day.  They are not active as we like them to be.  No big deal, IMO As long as you are getting 10 counts sometime during the day. 
  • I don't do them...per my Dr's suggestion. He tells me that every baby is different and that if there is something wrong, you will know. As long as the baby is doing it's 'normal' thing you are okay.
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  • my doctor told me that as long as i feel him a few times a day that its good. If you feel no movement at all during the day that is when you should call the doctor.

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