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He's Here!!!!!!! Long birth story

So last week I posted about how I have been on bed rest for high blood pressure and how I was swelling and having a pretty bad headache. Well, doc sent me to labor and delivery and sure enough my blood pressure was through the roof when I got there (170/109). Needless to say they decided to induce me. They started with a pill that the doctor inserted to get my contractions started at around 3:30pm. By 5 I was having good steady contractions. The doctor checked me around 8 and said I was only 2 cm. That was hard to hear because I had been in so much pain. They started the pitocin around 8pm. My doctor came in around 10:30pm and I was still only 2cm but about 90% effaced and he was all the way down with his head pressed against my cervix so he decided to break my water.

 I was thinking that meant we would be having a baby within the next 8-12 hours...Yay. I labored through the night with my contractions steadily getting stronger and more frequent. At about 2am I asked for pain meds because it was getting unbearable. They gave me stadol which did help take the edge off. I ended up getting that 3 times. At 8am they were just too much and I asked for the epi which I got around 10:30am (wow... that was amazing and I swear getting my iv hurt much worse then getting the epi). That was when I got the bad news. After being up all night in sever pain, I was still only 2cm. I was not progressing. I had a good cry about that. They upped the pitocin yet again to see if that would speed things along. In the mean time, my blood pressure was through the roof but the baby was doing fine. By about 11:15am the baby's heart rate started dropping with contractions and I knew that something would have to be done. The nurses were very calm about the whole thing saying things to keeo me calm like "he could be squeezing the cord or resting on it" but I just knew they weren't being completely honest with me. My doctor came in at about noon and woke me up to tell me that I would need to have a c section because the baby was struggling and he didn't think waiting it out was going to be good for either of us. I was extremely dissapointed. I cried for so many reasons. I was upset about losing the birthing experience I had anticipated, about not being able to hold my baby when he was born, I was worried something would go wrong, and mostly because I was scared for him. I talked it over with my family who made me feel much better about everything and decided to go ahead with it.

Things moved very quickly from there. They got Dh ready and had him wait outside while they prepped me. Once they were ready they called him in and he sat beside me and held my hand. 3 minutes later, Lucas Christopher made his grand entrance. He was 5pounds 7 ounces and 19 and 1/4 inches. I heard him cry and I just can't describe this overwhelming sense of peace that I felt. He was here, and he was ok. He only cried for about 30 seconds then he was wide eyed and calm, even when they were pricking him.  Dh got to go to him and watch while they cleaned him up and did all that fun stuff. They brought him to me and held him up to my face. We just looked at eachother and I could not believe what a miracle he was. He is the most amazing gift I have ever been given and one I will treasure every day of my life. I can't describe the intensity of the emotions I felt. My whole body seemed to swell with this overwhelming feeling of love and devotion. I felt whole somehow, like I was missing something and hadn't realized it until that moment. It was a beautiful experience. I just wanted to share our story with you all. Sorry if it rambled or didn't make sense. Good Luck to all of you and I hope everything goes well for you. Even though my experience wasn't perfect, I couldn't be happier.

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