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cold medicine suggestions

I know what medicines I'm allowed to take, but any recommendations on which of those actually does something? I am a loyal TheraFlu user and haven't used anything else in years. I am sending DH to the store as soon as he wakes up and I need something that will make the congestion go away. My throat is sore too, but the congestion is what is killing me. Any ideas?
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Re: cold medicine suggestions

  • It isnt a medicine, but when I had H1N1 and TERRIBLE head and chest congestion the thing that helped me most was a humidifier with Vick's concentrate in it.   It was like $30 at Target and the best thing EVER!   Plus, I can use it for the LO (without vicks) if he ever gets sick.

    I also loooooved these shower soother things that Vick's makes.   It is a tablet that you put in the bottom of the shower....it dissolves as you shower and releases a fairly strong vick's smell.  It, however, wont make you smell like vicks.  :)

  • oh- I think we have Vick's somewhere- here's hoping it didn't expire years ago!
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  • I just took sudafed..it helped a lot and for the sore throat I took 1 tyenol.   I called my OB and that is what they reccommend.  Also, I chugged OJ like it was my job..I hope you feel better, being sick stinks.
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  • I had a bad cold last month and regular sudafed helped a ton.  Also, using a neti pot (yes, its gross & as my dh says, its very miserable), but it works!! I also ate oranges like crazy. 

    Hope you feel better!

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  • Perhaps double-check with your OB, but Sudafed is on almost everyone's safe list after 1st tri, so you should be good with that.

    Since you've been a loyal TheraFlu person, ask the doctor about phenylephrine's safety.  The regular daytime caplets and liquid have acetaminophen (Tylenol), phenylephrine (decongestant), and dextromethorphan for a cough.  If your doc okays the phenyl, then you should be good with that.  If you don't have blood pressure issues, the phenyl is probably fine for you.

  • My Dr suggested Robitussin or Robitussin DM. I work at an Elementary School, so the "cooties" have gone around a few times now. I did have to go to urgent care because of bad chest congestions that, according to my OB, was turning into pneumonia. The urgentcare Dr explained that she could Rx a cough med w/ codine, but that it was a Class C medication. Meaning there hasn't been enough research to say if it is safe or harmful to a human fetus.

    I would probably ask your OB or call the nurses desk to give you a list of OTC meds they know to be safe and double check them online to make sure they are not Class C medications. Class A is safe, Class B does cross the placenta, but staying well hydrated should help to clear it out for the baby. Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine) is actually a Class C medication, so use it discreetly.

    I myself have used the regular Robitussin only as a last resort because it is also a Class C medication. I'm trying the natural rout, Drink lots of water (which can help reduce mucouse), Rest whenever possible, eat healthy, incorporate more citrus ie) lemons and oranges and or take Emergen-C (Airborn is actually not reccomended during pregnancy because of one of it's ingredients.). Use salene nasal spray to help relieve nasal congestion or use a humidifier. Vicks always helps too, I put it on my chest and a little on the outside of my nose and above my upper lip to help open up my sinuses.

    Not trying to frighten anyone, just wanted to share some facts that were brought to my attention when seeking treatment.

    Hope it's helpful.

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