3rd Trimester

water breaking or leaking urine?

How do u know the difference between leaking urine or your water breaking. I am 34 weeks and I think it is just my full bladder. I just went through my birthing classes and now i am paranoid that my water may have broke. i have been having BH for a few days now.

Re: water breaking or leaking urine?

  • If you're worried call your doc or go to the ER. You need to deliver within 24 hours if your water broke.





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  • Can you smell it?  From what I understand, if it's your water it may have a bleach-y smell.  Pee would just smell like..well, pee. 
  • I had thought my water broke but it was indeed just pee. I was already a few days past my due date so we called my dr. and he said to go right to the hospital. They checked me but it was just pee and they sent me home. If you are concerned, call you dr.
  • Per our childbirth instructor: if it is your water it should be odorless. If it is pee it will smell like urine or could smell like ammonia. But I would call your dr. to be sure.
  • I thought my water broke too and I ended up going to L&D today. They tested it and it was just really watery discharge and sent me home.
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