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Sleeping crazy all of a sudden...HELP!!!

My son was sleeping 3 1/2 to 4 hours a time at night up until two weeks ago. Now he's getting up every hour or two and only eating two ounces of pumped milk at a time.  The only advice I've gotten from people around here (except our pedi) is to put cerela in his bottle, but there's no way I'm doing that until he's at least 6 months. Any ideas to get my little man back on track or is this a normal thing? Anyone else have this issue?

Re: Sleeping crazy all of a sudden...HELP!!!

  • Is there a way to get him to eat more at a time? Sometimes when DD stops eating and falls asleep, I change her diaper which wakes her and she'll be hungry for more. Otherwise, I'm not sure. GL though. I know that sucks! Hope your son gets back to his old habits.
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  • I think that's normal.  How long has it been going on?  Do you think it's a growth spurt?
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  • It could be a growth spurt.  DS is a great night sleeper, but he had a couple of nights last week that he was up every 45min, which he had never done in his entire life!  I asked about it over on 3-6, and they said growth spurt and hopefully it would go away, and lo and behold, it has!  And he was doing the same thing as far as not eating a lot when he would wake up, too, which is why I didn't think growth spurt right away.
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  • I thought growth spurt too initially, but our pedi says that she thought he already had his 2 month spurt (granted, she could be wrong), so I didn't think it was that. Maybe that's it.

    At night if he falls asleep eating, I do try and wake him up by changing his diaper or unswaddling him and I'll usually get him to eat another ounce or so.

    Thanks for the advice, ladies! Hopefully he'll get back to normal soon, this is killing me!!

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