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Maybe NPR...nose COMPLETELY blocked!

So I have been sick for the past 5 days or so, but prior to that I had a runny nose for about a month...I kept putting off calling the doctor because during the winter my nose is always a little runnier anyway and my last pregnancy I had a little congestion as well.

 But 5 days ago my nose became COMPLETELY blocked....I had all the symptoms of the flu except the fever...the recommended sudafed and benadryl didn't even TOUCH the blockage.

 Went to the doc the other day and he gave me a z-pack (azithromycin, an antibiotic) but in my experience when you need an antibiotic your symptoms start to abate a day or two after you start taking them and then you complete the therapy to make sure you get rid of the infection.

 I thought I felt a little bit better today but my nose has not improved AT ALL.  I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience ever and what the resolution was.

 I'm thinking that if my nose isn't significantly better by tomorrow I will call the doc again.  I just don't want to go through the weekend like this....I mean, this isn't normal, right?  Side note:  Our insurance dictates that once you are seeing an obstetrician he/she "owns you" for the duration of your pregnancy and you are not allowed to see a regular doctor.  Sucks.

 Oh, and I also got the flu shot and H1N1 vaccine a while ago, so it can't be that!


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Re: Maybe NPR...nose COMPLETELY blocked!

  • When I was around 16 weeks likeyou are now I was the same way. All the symptoms of the flu but no fever. I took benadryl congestion/sinus and also took a couple tylenol cold after about 5 days of battling with sudafed and robitussin-which neither worked and being up all night. After I ritually took the benadryl allergy/sinus congestion during the day and then a tylenol cold at night for 2 days in a row, it finally let up. Also try saline rinse for your nose. It will get better don't worry. 
  • Could it just be sinus?  Try a sinus wash or a steamy shower.  I've been sick for going on two weeks with blocked sinuses.  I get very temporary relief through that but it gets blocked again as soon as I go outside.
  • well I don't know long term, but the weekend have you tried a Neti pot? It might clear out your nose?
  • I strongly recommend a saline nasal rinse (not a nasal spray). It feels weird when you squirt it through your nose, but it works wonders. I'm not super stuffy like a lot of people who use it, but I am runny. If I don't use it, I wake up with a bad sore throat and feel like crap. Try it out!
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  • I had this!  Besides the neti pot, sudafed, breathe right strips, showers, vicks, eucalyptus oil, etc. that I would normally do for a cold while pg, I broke down and took advil, thinking it might reduce nasal passage swelling.  When I looked it up, it looked like the 2nd tri wasn't an issue for advil, but 3rd tri is.

    I was pretty desperate.

    I'd say the combination helped.  Also, I wasn't taking enough sudafed, so check yor dosage. I thought it was one at a time but it was 2.  Then I found that the 12 hour benadryl works way better.

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