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Anyone know how to find mommy groups that get together once a week or so in Southern Cal area, preferably Long Beach?

Re: Mommy groups

  • The ones I know of are in the Santa Monica or Hollywood area - try looking at The Pump Station, Golden Bridge Yoga and Baby Group in Santa Monica.  Good luck!
  • I could absolutely not have been happier with the mommy group I did. I tried babygroup and another really well known one in the valley and they were both outrageously expensive and I wasn't impressed to say the least. I ended up hearing about inspired motherhood groups and I was able to do the last session before my baby outgrew it and I was so happy. The class isn't just a session to sit around and visit (I can do that at coffee bean) ... you actually learn about a lot of different things. And the leader is really supportive and friendly. It's a casual environment but you get a ton out of the class. There's even a website that they use to give you all the articles that you always have access to so that you can go back and refer to them or ask questions whenever you want to. I swear I have gone to that site at least once a week for the last year to find some resource that had helped me. And I still feel like i can email the instructor for advice about things... she's just there for you in a really cool way. I don't know where she is doing classes these days, but I know that she has several locations. Her main website is www.inspiredmotherhood.com 

     Good luck!  

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