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I really need a SAHW

It seriously amazes me how much I have to do and yet I somehow manage to get it all done. If only I had a stay at home wife or personal assistant to order Christmas cards, do all the holiday shopping, do the charity work, packing and organizing let alone the fact that it is year-end and the rush at work. Oh my!  Who else wishes they had a wife right now?

Re: I really need a SAHW

  • (hand up and leaning sideways out of her chair)!!!  Somedays I feel like I'm missing the whole season--my husband and I realized last night that we haven't taken our girl to "see" Santa Claus; yet I still managed to decorate the house, buy the presents, plan for holiday travel and a NYE dinner party, bake & decorate sugar cookies with my girl PLUS all the normal cooking, cleaning, errands and general mommyness that I do everyday.  Now then, I know I must have put that cape around here somewhere...
  • Let's be pc.  We all need personal assistants.
  • This is a running joke for me at work.  Most of the people I work with are men and most of them have wives that stay home, so I'm always saying I need one of those too. 
  • Nah, I would rather pay someone to wash my dishes and do my errands, then they can't take 1/2 of my money if we "divorce"! So I am all for a personal assistant!

  • I always tell my DH that I need a wife!  I keep telling my friends if we quit our day jobs we could start a business just doing all those things for working moms.  Maybe Santa will bring me a wife....
  • I have one!! Kinda.  DH was laid off about 2 months ago so he has been doing all of the cleaning, most of the errand running, etc.  It's been so nice to not have to worry about making sure the dogs get bathed and the floors get mopped.  I still do the laundry, grocery shopping and cooking but I think I am going to be a little sad when he finds a job and we have to start splitting the cleaning chores again.  lol  He is getting the oil changed in my car right now!
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    Nah, I would rather pay someone to wash my dishes and do my errands, then they can't take 1/2 of my money if we "divorce"! So I am all for a personal assistant!

    ha.  Not to mention, I don't want to listen to someone complain about how much they do and how ungrateful I am.  I need a chef, a personal assistant, a personal shopper, a daily cleaning person and, of course, my own personal hair stylist that will blow out and style my hair on a daily basis. :)  Is this too much to ask Santa for? 

  • Me, me, me!  Most of my male coworkers either have stay-at-home wives or assistants or both.  My life would be so much easier if I had one!
  • I used to say DH and I needed a wife before we even had kids!  Sign me up!
  • My mom always told me that everyone needs a wife, especially the wife!

    Just this morning as we were getting ready for work, DH was telling me about something he read or saw on TV.  Here is what I was thinking about: stopping at the post office on the way to work to buy stamps and mail the Christmas cards, stopping by the catholic shop either during lunch or after work to buy a baptism gift for our niece, figuring out how to go to bed early seeing as how I've gotten no more than five hours of sleep each night this week so far.  I told DH to be prepared to go to the grocery store tonight after the boys are in bed.  But of course I will have to write a very detailed list for him! 


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    Let's be pc.  We all need personal assistants.


    Wife should not be synonymous with personal assistant...

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