3rd Trimester

My Vagina and My Uterus....(not long, not short) and me

Okay sickos...since my post title got you here...be prepared to learn the happenings of me and all my functioning parts (not really sick or graphic really)- the title was a bit of a misleading clincher....

  I just want to say that I will never have the opportunity to come on here and tell you how open my cervix is...how soft and fluffy it is...how much of it has thinned or been removed....I will never be able to PIP my mucus plug or the bloody SHOW everyone rages on about.

 I will never be able to walk through ***'s Sporting Goods, gush a bunch of fluid and call "clean up in fishing rods" over the intercom...

 I won't be having timeable contractions or breathing through anything.

 I can't do any of this you see....because at 9:20 am I go to my OB to find out if she will be delivering me via c-section today or tomorrow. 

 Yes Folks...I have PreEclampsia and it ain't getting better. Doc says to me "I don't see a reason to keep you pregnant any longer". I get this conversation in a phone call, while I'm trying to eat...yesterday at 5pm.

 So....I'm nervous/anxious/excited/feeling jipped.....to meet my LO soon!

 GL to you all....don't waste your Labor Dust on me...I won't be needing it!

Re: My Vagina and My Uterus....(not long, not short) and me

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