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Fun ways to announce...

What is a fun way to tell my husband and our families that I'm pregnant?? I want it to be special and a suprise...

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  • have an airplane fly with a banner behind it 
  • image Skruffy:
    have an airplane fly with a banner behind it 



  • I just told my husband and he was like I knew...I didn't even know, but he did?

    We just had a dinner for our families and we gave our parents a christmas ornament with baby last name 2010 on it. 


  • I already told DH, because I had to have him look at the stick and tell me I wasn't seeing things! LOL. We plan to tell my parents this weekend when they come over to have Christmas with us before we all go out of town. We got 'I love grandma' and 'I love grandpa' bibs and wrapped them up with a little note that says "I'll be here in August"....I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they open those presents! We haven't decided on how to tell DH's parents yet...we'll come up with something good though.
  • With DS we just told our parents, it was hard to keep it from them. This time we're going to give them a gift with a note saying "special delivery due to arrive july 2010."

    I've seen ideas where you take a picture with the group of your family and then there's a qoute saying "who knew there were actually x amount of people in this picture." and you count everyone including the baby.

    Then another idea I saw was you gather everyone for a picture and as everyone is posing rather than saying "cheese" you have everyone say "so & so are pregnant" and then take the picture.

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  • we used this poem..had it framed and gave to my inlaws..

    This is what we used to announce our first baby...
    I do not have a face to see,
    Or put inside a frame.
    I do not have soft cheeks to kiss,
    I don't yet have a name.
    You can't yet hold my tiny hands,
    Nor whisper in my ear.
    It's still too soon to sing a song,
    Or cuddle me so near.
    But all will change come summer time,
    That?s when they say I'm due.
    I'll be your very first grandchild;
    I can't wait til I meet you.
    All I ask between now and then
    Is your patience while I grow.
    I promise I'll be worth the wait,
    Because of all the love we'll know.
    So have a Merry Christmas,
    A wish to you from me.
    I cannot wait to be a part
    Of this great family!

    We also used those #1 Grandma and Grandpa frames and put in it instead of a picture "Baby Due Late August"
    To tell my sister I put my niece in a Tshirt that said "Big Cousin"
    Have fun!
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