3rd Trimester

I'm freaking out.

I think my water broke and I'm NOT ready! I've been crying for 3 hours.  I thought I had another month!  I'm not ready!

I haven't met with the pediatrician. I'm just now doing the first load of baby clothes. I haven't even painted the nursery yet.  We're only kinda sure about the name we want to give him.  My mom wont be able to come for at least another week to 10 days.  My house is a disaster! I don't have a breast pump yet. I don't have the cloth diapers I wanted for him. (Which means I have NO diapers because we weren't going to do disposables!)

I'm freaking just a bit.

I just got off the phone with the doc.  He wants me to get ready and come in to be checked.  Thankfully we've decided not to do internals and I'm GBS negative.  Because of those 2 factors, he's not worried about risk of infection.  Since I'm not contracting yet, he says that he'll still probably send me home even if my water has broken. We'll start talking about encouraging labor tomorrow morning if I haven't started contracting.  I love my laid back doctor!  

Tell me it'll be ok.  Babies don't know how much mommy is ready.  I'm going to get in the shower.  I'll keep you girls posted!

Re: I'm freaking out.

  • You'll be okay! Everything will work itself out! Just try to relax, freaking out is not going to help anything! :) Good luck!
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  • Everything will be fine!  Babies don't care!  It will all get done eventually :)
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  • Lucikly babies don't remember anything:) You will be fine!! Try and take a deep breath and relax!! It will all get done eventually!
  • Breathe!  It will be okay!  As PP have said, babies don't know/care!  If I were in your situation, I'd call a good friend to see if they could pick up some diapers and come over to help do some laundry, etc.  That might make you feel a little better.  GL and DON'T WORRY!
  • You'll be fine.  The fact that the baby's room isn't painted and your house is a mess won't make any difference to the baby.  You can take care of these things later.  Someone can get diapers while you're in the hospital.  You won't need to decide on a name until you leave the hospital, so you still have some time.  In my breastfeeding class, they said to try not to give the baby a bottle for the first few weeks if possible so that breastfeeding will be well established first.  So, you probably won't need the breastpump for a little while.  GL! 

  • Thanks ladies.  I know that most of these concerns are a bit irrational.  Unfortunately, I don't have many friends in this area since I moved here not too long ago.  I can use the hospital diapers while I'm there and have hubby pick some up one of the times he leaves to take care of our dogs. 

    The breast pump thing was a concern about stimulating a supply not really bottle feeding. Since my insurance company is the one paying for it, I'm not quite sure how long it'll take for me to get it.  I would have loved to start the process already but my 'voucher' isn't valid until 12/20.  I'll probably have hubby make that phone call tomorrow too if this is, in fact, "it". 

    I do feel better now that I've showered and can take my time preparing.  Your encouraging words mean a lot!  I'll be sure to post an update once I know what lies ahead of me.  

     Thanks again!

  • Personally, I think interviewing pediatricians is a waste of time because you don't really know if you like them until you see how they are with the baby.  You can likely rent a breast pump from the hospital--mine sent me home with one on my discharge day.  The hospital should have some for moms to use while you are there.  I buy all of my cloth diapers from www.abbyslane.com, and I have received every shipment in under a week.  The hospital will send you home with disposables, and you can send DH to the grocery store if you need to.  A few day of disposables won't really matter.  I can't help with the name, but it will be OK.
  • cant say Ive been through this but try to relax. thats what I think I would do.

  • You will be ok!!  My water broke at 35 weeks and my daughter was born then.  She is great now!  She had a respiratory infection that she needed antibiotics for, but she is great with no problems now.  We closed on the sale of our new house the day my water broke and moved into our new home 2 weeks after delivery.  We had nothing ready for her arrival.  I know the feelings you are having and everything will be fine....you will giggle about it later, I promise!  Good luck!
  • I would see if DH could call for a cleaning lady to come, while you're in the hospital. I know nothing stresses me out more than coming home to a wrecked house. And you can always send someone out to get diapers. Or, if you have internet in your room order them online for next day delivery.
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