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NBR- Recommend your small/mid size SUV/Crossover

DH and I are in the market for a second vehicle.  New or used to buy or lease.  We would like a small or mid-size SUV or Crossover.   What do you all have?  And what do you like or not like about it?

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Re: NBR- Recommend your small/mid size SUV/Crossover

  • I love my Dodge Journey, but it's prolly not a small one.  It has so much space for everything!  But for the first 2 years with DD we had a tiny mazda 3 and it worked just fine.
  • I just got a Hyundai Santa Fe for Christmas. I've had it for 2 weeks, and haven't found anything that I don't like about it. DS is in a convertible car seat, and it fits no problem. An infant carrier/base would fit easily.

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  • I have a Mazda Tribute and I love it! It drives very nice (you don't feel like you are going to tip over when turning corners like some SUVs). It's pretty roomy, but not obnoxiously big. I'm not sure where you live, but it's AWD so it does very well in the snow which comes in handy where i live.
  • I'm not sure if it's considered a small or mid-size SUV, but we bought a Toyota Venza this year.

    I Love it.  It has a ton of room everywhere, especially the trunk space and the leg room in the back seat is ample.  I was thinking that extra space there will help with getting LO into a car seat, and there will be extra space on the floor there for baby gear.  It's a smooth ride, and I feel really safe in it.

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  • We have a Jeep Compass. 

    It has good gas milage for a vehicle in this category and we havent had a single problem with it since we bought it in 07


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  • image brideofscowboy:

    I just got a Hyundai Santa Fe for Christmas. I've had it for 2 weeks, and haven't found anything that I don't like about it. DS is in a convertible car seat, and it fits no problem. An infant carrier/base would fit easily.

     I've had my Santa Fe for 2 years and LOVE it. It's just like the Lexus RSX but waaaay cheaper (and it handles better!)

  • We have a Jetta Sports wagon and we love it. Its not as big as an SUV but has tons of room. We also get really fantastic gas milage. (45 mpg on the highway)
  • My DH and I have a ford escape.  You can also get it in a hybrid if you want that.  We love it.  It's a 2001 and works great.  It's not too big so gas millage isn't horrible (not great compared to my Honda Fit but not horrible like a larger SUV.  If you take it to regular maintenance stops you wont have a problem with it.  :)
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  • I love my Chevy Equinox! It has plenty of room in the back for storage and tons of leg room in the back seat, which was very important to my 6' husband! There is only one thing I would change and it would be to upgrade to a Chevy Traverse because it has a 3rd row.

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  • We bought a Chevy Trailblazer a little over a year ago and I love it!!  It has enough room for both DH and I and my niece's carseat fits just fine in the back seat so I know ours will be fine too.  It's all leather interior with heated front seats, dual heat/air control, and heat/air control in the back too.  Since I am ALWAYS cold that was a big selling point for me!!  Smile  And like pps said, its not too big so the gas mileage isn't terrible and you can still haul stuff with it too. 
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  • We bought a Ford Taurus X yesterday because my grand am was not 6'6" DH and carseat friendly.  After a hundred or so miles I LOVE IT!!!!  It came fully loaded (DVD, NAV, sunroof, leather everything etc... none of which we were actually looking for in a car, just happend to be equipt already) and because it was an '08 with less than 2000 miles it was still considered used and we got it for a price that was better than any other SUV/Crossover we looked at and it came with the full warrenty! Smile
  • We just bought a Subaru Outback and I LOVE it.  We were also looking at the Forester, Mazda5 and Ford Escape. 

    We decided on the Outback b/c it got the best gas mileage (22 - 29), had the best safety and owner satisfaction ratings, had the most room inside (our req. was that it had enough room for 4 people plus two dogs in the back area).  Also, it has a lot more "creature comforts"  than the others did for the price.

    It's also great to have all wheel drive, since we live in the country and it gets nasty here in the winter.  Oh, and they're known for being ridiculously reliable.  My friend has one with 250,000 miles on it that is still more reliable than their newer car.

    The downside - it's hard to find used ones for a decent price.  We looked at a couple of 08 models, but they still wanted 20K for them, and a new one is 25K-27K.

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  • We bought a 07 Ford Edge back during the summer and we love it!  Plenty of room for everything but still sporty.  I had a mustang and just couldn't go straight for the mini van...

  • I just got a cadillac SRX and it is awesome....not too big, not too small.
  • I have a Ford Escape and I LOVE it!  It's one of the smaller SUV's, so the gas mileage is much better then a full-size.  (although, obviously not as good as a car.)  You can even get a Hybrid Escape .  There is plenty of room for 13 yr old DD in the backseat as well as a carseat, with nobody getting "smushed".  There is also plenty of "cargo" space in the back. 

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  • My parents just bought a Ford Freestyle which is the same thing as the Ford Taurus X just a bit older, I guess they changed the name of it to the Taurus X at some point but they love it.  It has a 3rd row seat that you can fold down for extra room in back.  Its what I want to get before the baby comes so that if we travel we can fit everything in back.  Its a crossover and you can get a used one with 60-70K miles on it for about 11K
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  • image Raffes484:
    I love my Chevy Equinox! It has plenty of room in the back for storage and tons of leg room in the back seat, which was very important to my 6' husband! There is only one thing I would change and it would be to upgrade to a Chevy Traverse because it has a 3rd row.


    This!  I love my equinox it's actually the second one and the 08 gets MUCH better gas mileage than the 05 I had.  My husband is 6'3 and has plenty of room and the seats fold down so there is plenty of space.

    I actually drove the Traverse after and I hated it.  The traverse gets TERRIBLE gas mileage, and I just didn't like how it drove but it does have a third row.  

  • Audi Q5....Not too big like the Q7, and not too small like my previous Acura (car)...plus its got tons of goodies!

    Oh and most importantly go on safecar.gov to check out saftey of whatever your considering. Mine ranked 9.9 because it scores five stars for all seating positions in both frontal and side crash tests. Very important to consider when choosing a car to tote your LO around in!

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  • I have a Honda CRV (2005);  there's honestly nothing I dislike about it.  I havent had any repairs at all--just regular maintenance stuff ex breaks, oil changes.  It has almost 90K miles on it.
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  • not sure if this is small/mid-size...but it never seems too big to me - i have a bmw x5.  we bought it early this year off lease and have had a great experience so far!  buying used was the way to go...much less $$ than it would have been new.  we have most of the options, except navigation system...mostly b/c i didn't want to pay for it if something went wrong.  and, i don't drive many "new" places, so it seemed sort of unnecessary.  it drives smoothly, and is a fantastic winter car...it has antilock breaks, awd and in general a very safe car...but really what makes it a great winter car is the steering wheel warmer and seat warmers! :)  i am girl who likes fun buttons, what can i say?

    the x3 is probably more the size you are looking for and also seemed fantastic...i would have gone either way, but DH really wanted the x5, so that is what got.

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  • We have an 05 Chrysler Pacifica... It is great for space. Unfortunately they stopped making them in 07 or 08, so your only option would be used. We have the 5 passenger cause we really need the space in the back as we do A LOT of travelling (had it 4 years and put almost 90 K on it already! But, it has held up wonderfully. The first problem we had happened 2 months ago and it was something that could happen to anyone - a hose split. Happened right after the first frost. They do also make 7 passenger ones which are also nice. They are a little wider than most vehicles - in the back - so that takes a little getting used to.

    I also love my friend's 09 Forester. We will probably look into those once we are ready to trade our Pacifica... I had always had Subarus before my dd and love them.

  • Another vote for the Santa Fe.  I've had mine for 5 years and love it (my sister and a coworker also purchased Santa Fe's based on my rec. and love theirs as well).

    Great price and great vehicle.   



  • My husband and I just test-drove one of the new Subaru Outbacks yesterday. They're absolute tops in safety, were voted Motor Trend's Sport Utility of the Year for the second year running, and are actually quite good-looking now. This would get my vote for you.
  • I love my Mercury Mariner.  It handles like a dream and I have had absolutely no issues with it, but then again it's only a year old.

    The gas mileage is great, also.

  • I have a toyota 4runner and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Great on gas, 4 wheel drive is awesome (I live in snowy canada), and the heater works great (as does A/C in the one month a year I use it).

    I would also reccomend a CRV as one other lady has, as I think for the money they are great SUV's.

    Whatever you choose good luck!



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  • I abslutely LOVE my Nissan Murano.  It's a great size - big enough for gear but not huge.  It's a crossover so it's built on a car chassy, drives beautifully.  I also am totally addicted to the rear view camera!!  Love it, can't say enough about it.
  • I love my Toyota Rav4. Its an 09, so much larger than the original Rav. 

    It has a huge cargo area, adjustable middle set, optional 3rd row (although not much room in the cargo area when its in & folded up), decent leg room. Best of all - great gas mileage. You cant beat Toyota for quality - they have a great resale value & hold up forever.

  • I have a 2008 Nissan Rogue. I love it! It is great on gas. Not too big, and not too small.
  • I LOVE my Honda CRV. Honestly I can't say or think of anything bad about it. Plenty of room, handles better than a sedan and great in the snow!

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  • i had a kia sportage as a rental for a few weeks and fell in love.  strange, because i've always though kia's weren't that great / cheaply made, idk something bad.  but that was such a comfortable vehicle, easy to get porter's seat in and out, and the suspension was awesome.  we have a really long gravel driveway and it was so smooth!
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