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5 days til doppler u/s and freaking out

Hi Ladies,

I have been surprisingly stress-ridden since his pregnancy (my first) began. Waiting for my first u/s at 8 weeks was BRUTAL and now waiting for my second which will be at 11 weeks 5 days is killing me too! I feel like a crazy person! I even bought an at-home doppler because I thought it would relieve my stress but we couldn't find the heartbeat on it. So now I have to wait 5 days and the wait is just too hard. 

Everything was fine with the first u/s, no problems, and I'm young and not at-risk or anything, so I don't know where all this anxiety came from. I had nausea, fatigue and all the rest, but most of that has eased or gone completely now. I keep telling DH that the next time around I'll be zen as a butterfly but all these unknowns have made me worry a little more than I'd like.

 Anyone else worried for no good reason at 11 weeks? Aren't we past the point of real danger anyway?  

 Thanks for reading!

Re: 5 days til doppler u/s and freaking out

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