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Is it worth it?? Rankings vent

We just finished up our annual rankings, and I pretty well know where I fall out--just below the top rating.  We conform to a "bell" curve.  So I worked my a$$ off all year long with multiple unexpected projects and reorgs not to mention getting 2 groups and 8 new people (most with attitude or morale issues) under me during the year.  I know I wasn't able to put in the hours I did before I became a mom, but I still worked harder this year than I have in any job I've had.  I'm really disappointed and discouraged especially knowing who the people in my area are that ranked higher.  I'm wondering if it's really worth it since I end up feeling like I'm doing an average job as an employee and an average job as a mom.  I just needed a pity party.  Thanks for listening.

Re: Is it worth it?? Rankings vent

  • I've been with my company 12 years and I've come to the conclusion that the years I feel I worked the hardest/contributed the most are the years I get the average ranking; the year's I feel I did average are the years I get the highest rankings. Never made any sense to me.

    While it's hard, I just keep reminding myself that I'm lucky I have a good paying job and that I get to work from home.

  • It's hard, but try to keep your chin up.  We all go through times when we feel like we are not doing our best either at home or at work.  It's a difficult balance.

    Can you ask your supervisors for some feedback as to your ranking, given what you accomplished this year?

  • Thanks for the comments.  I really appreciate it.  Yes, I plan to ask for some specific "opportunities" for development in the next year, and I'm much better (mentally) today, and the Christmas holidays will help.  It's been a particuarly hard week and I haven't gotten to spend as much time with my baby as I would have liked.  I left the office early today and spent the afternoon with my DD.  Even a few hours with her turns my day around.  Thanks, ladies!!
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