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Crotch pain question

Anyone else get pain in their crotch so bad it hurts to move? The front part of my crotch, starting from about right where my pubic hair starts to the part where the lips actually start, hurts bad today! I was in Target when it started and I didn't know how the heck I was going to make it out of Target. I have had some off and on where it feels like I am bruised, but never this bad.

I did ask the dr yesterday about the pain and she said it is just from LO being so low, but I can't figure out why it got so much worse today!

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Re: Crotch pain question

  • Could be your pelvic floor muscles being stretched from the baby dropping, although you're 31 weeks and (I personally) didn't drop that early.  Who knows, maybe stay off your feet for the rest of the day, you might have over done it.
  • Not sure if this what you are referring to but it could be lightning crotch. From what I've read it's because the baby is hitting a certain part of your cervix which sends the "lightning" thru your vagina. I get it on a daily basis but some days it's way worse then others.
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  • Yes, I have had this for about two weeks now. It is called symphsis pubis dysfunction, and it sucks. It doesn't help my little chick is breech, adding more pressure. Sometimes it feels like she is going to fall out.
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  • I have this too! My doctor said its the hormone relaxin that is causing my pelvic muscles/bones to relax in preparation for birth. Basically, your pelvic bones were completely motionless before and now are able to move/rub together. The mornings are the worst for me.

     Some things that help me:

    tylenol, standing with your feet apart and swaying back and forth, don't sit or stand in one position too long, heating pad on your crotch, & sleeping w/a pillow between your legs...

     I hope you get some relief!!

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  • ::raises hand:: Me! I'm just shy of 32 weeks and I have it... beginning about 10 days ago. Oh, the joy. I was thinking it was round ligament pain referred to my crotch. Ugh. Oh well... 8 weeks to go. We can handle it!

  • I have this pain all of the time! I feel it way more when I am about to sit up or when I roll over in bed, I hate it! I asked my OB and she didnt seem very concerned so I am not going to worry about it either! But it is such a pain in the ass I wish it would go away :(
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  • Yes!! I hurts so bad. I can't walk at all when I get that. I hope you are feeling better.
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  • First I have to start by saying thank you!

    I swear I have asked all my girlfriends if they felt pains like this and they said no. Told my Dr. about it and he said it was just ligaments and muscles stretching and softening.

    Now it makes more sense, at our last ultrasound our baby was breech and so far all the action has been in the lower ab or uterine area. I work at an elementary school as a Special Ed. Asst. so all the walking around campus and sitting and standing are painful. Feel like I'm walking bow-legged all the time, walking is painful. I feel like it is most painful when I have been sitting for a while and try to stand and walk.

    I know it's all for the good of our wee-ones, but this particular pain was never something I expected. oh, and mine has been around since 12 weeks, so it's not just because our baby is putting on weight or has grown. Wierd.

  • I've had it since I was 24 weeks, and it SUCKS.  It hurts all the time, but I find it's worse when a cold front (low pressure system) moves through.  Maybe that's why your pain is worse today?

    Good luck!

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