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Missouri -Support Raw Milk

If you're in Missouri you may have heard about the Attorney General suing a small family farm over raw milk.  If you're a Missourian and support small farms/raw milk/food freedom, please read on and call/email.

First off, you can join the facebook group to stay updated on this case-

Second, grassroots efforts are needed. Rep. Belinda Harris is working on a very good raw milk bill. That needs to get off the ground, so please contact your representatives and let them know raw milk is important to you, and that you want it readily available to the public. You can find your state representatives at:

Statewide support is very important, so if you know anyone in MO that supports small farms/food freedom/raw milk, please let them know about this issue and urge them to contact their representatives. It is especially important right now that people in northern MO contact their representatives, so if you know people up there, definitely pass this info on to them!

Also, contact Attorney General Chris Koster! Courteously let him know that raw milk is important to you and that you're watching this case. Tell him you do not want Bechard Family Farm to be prosecuted beyond the law, and that you want raw milk to be readily available to the public. Let him know you want the law changed so access to raw milk is easier.

Please, please take time to call and email... politicians take each person's input seriously because they know for each person that calls/writes, many people felt the same way but didn't take the time to contact them. So your calls and emails really are worth a lot!

Thank you all!

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