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Mercy vs. SOuth Nassau?

Hi there. We were going to deliver at Mercy in RVC but our OB also recommened South Nassau In Oceanside which is a little closer to our home.  Any feedback on either maternity ward?  Thank you

Re: Mercy vs. SOuth Nassau?

  • I think Mercy is better. I used to go to Dr. Pollack at Mercy, but I moved to Suffolk, so I changed OB/GYNs.
  • I know South Nassau has all state of the art private rooms, flat screens, etc.  They are affiliated with Winthrop.  I have worked at both...I would go with South Nassau  over Mercy...Good Luck!

  • I'm in the same boat. My Dr works out of both, but says that Mercy has a level 3 NICU, should we need it.
  • I had 2 c-sections at Mercy.  I love it there!!  My first child had to go into the NICU for a few days and they were excellent!!!! 

     My Dr can go to South Nassau too but said he will not deliver there.  He wouldnt' go into why but I live closer to Mercy anyway so I never argued.

     I had a private room the second time around and it was great.  The nurses are awesome and my whole experience there was great. 

     If you have any more questions let me know:)

  • south nassau is def better and i know that from a personal and professional perspective.....but if ur out that way already winthrop would be my first choice

  • I live in Rockville Centre so I'm close to both. I am 38 weeks preggers and I have been to South Nassau's L and D for false labor, and found that the nursing staff was very accommodating and friendly. The rooms are also very nice and less hospital like. I'm sure Mercy is very nice as well, but I liked that I had my own room.
  • One of my sister's delivered in South Nassau (vaginal birth and c-section) and my other sister delivered in Mercy (2 c-sections) and both thought their respective hospitals were great.

    When I finally get preggers my doctor is affiliated with South Nassau so that's where I will be.

  • I've been a surgical patient at both hospitals in the past and I have to say that hands down South Nassau is the better hospital. I am scheduled to deliver our daughter there in early June and I could not be more pleased. Several friends have delivered there and the private rooms are fantastic.
  • Definitely South Nassau! I had to stay at SN for one week and the staff was amazing. The private rooms and modern facillities are fabulous.


  • I had wanted to go to Mercy but my doctor was at south nassau the day i went into labor.  South Nassau was my last choice but now it will be my first next time.  I loved it their.  All of the rooms are single rooms and all of the nurses and orderlys are soooo nice.  They really make you feel like you are at home.  They will also let your husband stay over night if you really want him to.  Your child will be in the room with you all day and they never came around to kick out any of my visitors.  I hope that helps.
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