1st Trimester

trouble sleeping

i am only about 6 weeks along and just found out i'm pregnant.  i thought that the first trimester makes you extremely tired.  i have been the opposite and unable to sleep.  i've been averaging about 5 hours a night and usually i don't function on anything less than 8.  has anyone else had this problem or do you have any suggestions?  tia!!!

Re: trouble sleeping

  • Sometimes I have a little trouble, but it can usually be attributed to certain things (i.e. having to pee a bunch of times, having a bad dream then can't get back to sleep, waking up and then feeling starving and needing a snack, or sometimes my nose is all stuffed and I'm up blowing it and using saline spray for a while).
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  • I slept REALLY well when I was around 4 weeks (*right when we found out), but since then I've been having trouble with falling asleep and staying asleep.  Of course, waking up to pee in the middle of the night isn't helping me out. Wink  Can't get back to sleep after I get up to pee, then all of a sudden my stomach is upset or I'm starving.  It's all very annoying....but well worth it. Smile
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  • This has been my number one issue with my pregnancy... I cannot sleep and it drives me nuts.  I have no problem konking off in the middle of the day.  But if I try to get a full night's sleep (even after forcing myself to stay up all day), I end up staring at the ceiling, listening to my husband snore, or tossing and turning... I figure I probably get some sleep, but I NEVER had a problem before I was pregnant, and it's gotten to the point that I think I complain so much, my man offers to sleep on the couch to give me the whole bed to roll around in.  Something tells me that's probably not right... lol
  • Unfortunately my hubby is the one with this problem...and the nausea, poor thing!

    i hope you get some sleep soon!

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  • I am always exhausted in the evening and fall asleep with no problem  (in fact, I'm usually sleeping before my head hits the pillow)  But I am waking up SUPER early.  Like, I can't sleep past 6am anymore and I wake up really energized.  Too bad the energy doesn't last through the afternoon!!!

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  • Me too!  Between my not being able to fall asleep for whatever reason, my dd waking up at night, my having to pee 10 million times at night, or get some water - I am soooooooooo sleep deprived!  It's brutal!  The other day I was up between 2am and 5am for no good reason whatsoever other than the fact I just couldn't sleep, even though I was totally exhausted.  Sad  Sucks!  Hopefully this situation improves - I run a home daycare during the day and need all the energy I can possibly get to manage it! 
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