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What to do about baseboard heater in nursery?!

In our nearly 30 yr old town house each room is designed with baseboard heaters. Handy when you don't have an infant crawling around...

 What should we do about this issue? I am so nervous that when the baby comes and is able to crawl around she'll want to stick her fingers in the darn thing!


Any advice is helpful! Thanks!

Re: What to do about baseboard heater in nursery?!

  • We had them while growing up and my dad put a wooden frame around the one in my little brothers room.  They also strategically placed the couch, etc in front of them, not touching to prevent problems.  How hot do they actually get?  Have you touched them to see if they would burn?
  • any apt we've lived in (this is the 3rd) since ds was born have all had baseboard heating.

    they don't get hot whatsoever, and ds never really pays any attention to them

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