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Invitation wording - bring a baby book not a card

Ladies - I went to a baby shower awhile ago and the wording in the invitation told you to bring a baby book and not a shower card.  I thought it was a great idea, but i can't remember the wording.  Can you help me here and send me the wording?

Re: Invitation wording - bring a baby book not a card

  • i had an adorable one saved for a shower i'm doing for a friend, but for the life of my can't find it. but here are a few that i found online...

    Although cards are nice with their sentiment
    and prayer,
    They're read once or twice then tucked away
    with care.
    A book is a treasure, words and pictures unite
    Read over and over to teach and delight.
    So instead of a card for Baby and
    Please give a child's book with your thoughts in the cover.
    Your book will be cherished; God will watch from above,
    When it's read they will remember your
    kindness and love.

    Just one last request, and we hope it's not hard
    Please bring baby a book in place of a card
    By signing your book, we will remember and share
    Your special gift, even when you're not there!


    I want to be a bright child
    As smart as I can be.
    That is why I'm hoping
    My mom will read to me.

    If you plan to bring a card
    Please take another look.
    I would like to learn my ABC's
    From your favorite storybook

    Please sign your name
    As your personal touch.
    Baby (last name) thanks you
    Beary, beary much.

  • I went to a friend's who wrote:


  • HammyD...did your friend also tell the guests which gift they would appreciate as well?  LOL
  • In lieu of a card please bring your favorite baby book...
  • I did this for my sister's shower last June.  It was a big success and the guests all thought it was a great idea too.  My friend just had her shower last month and did the same thing.  On my sister's invitations I had a poem with the shower info and at the end I added "and one last request, I hope it's not hard, please bring a book instead of a card."  For my friend's shower, her mother just included an insert saying that because she's a teacher she values reading to children and please bring a book instead of a card.  If you do a search online for book shower invitation wording/poems you can find a lot of ideas.  Good luck!
  • I love this idea...I'm going to suggest it to my 2 hostesses and see what they think.
  • I love this idea too. But, was wondering if it is a little much to ask from guests. I  don't know I am still thinking it over. Maybe if I find the right wording. Also I guess you would have this instead of wishing well?
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