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Giving birth at Chester Co hospital

Any recent deliveries at Chester Co hospital?  I'm due in June, but haven't any experience with what they offer.  If I'm gonna switch, I'd like to do it sooner than later.  Any one have something to share?

Re: Giving birth at Chester Co hospital

  • one of my friends delivered her daughter there in September and loved it. I am switching to a new doc that delivers at Paoli because I have heard way more reviews of that L&D unit than CC. (my old practice delivers at CC)
  • I've been watching that thread as well, thanks.  Just looking for personal accounts of CCH I guess.  I want to have as natural and intervention free a birth as possible.  Only going the hospital route because my husband really isn't comfortable with other options.  But I really want a water birth...  I had my son without meds in a hospital years ago, but didn't like the experience.  I felt like I was treated and cared for like I had gotten an epidural.  I'm not saying that's bad, just not really what works for natural births.  It certainly leaves me a bit anxious about the idea.  The environment alone, noisy, monitored, peeps putting their hands in places they should stay out of...  you get the idea. 

    Just need some reasureance and comfort from others who've been there and done that at CCH.

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