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does implantation date effect size baby measures

I know my o date and I thought I would be 7 weeks today. dr siad it was measuring more like 6 and a few days but just based on eyeballing it. she didn't measure, but saw a hb. I know implanation can take place between 6-10 days after conception. Wouldn't that effect the size by a few days?

Re: does implantation date effect size baby measures

  • i knew my o date too, but measured only 6 weeks when i should have been 7.  it made me worried, thinking there must be something wrong since I knew I wasn't off with my dates!  my first OB actually adjusted my DD and said I was due a week later than what the LMP calculation would be, since the u/s is supposedly more accurate.  Well, long story short, I moved out of state, my new OB kept my old due date based on my LMP, and I ended up having her one day before my due date (or one week early, depending on what due date you go by)!  Shows what they know!   

    So yeah, I'm sure date of implantation can affect the size, although take it from me, who tested positive 11 DPO, even the supposedly super-accurate first u/s can be off!

  • While the early ultrasound is very accurate, my doctor said that two days difference is the average range of error for dating based on measurements.
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