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The crackers just aren't helping (Rant)

I am so excited about my little one.  We have worked hard and spent lots of money for my lil peanut - however!  WTF is up with having morning sickness 24/7!  I feel like I am on a boat all day and I am going to try everything in my power.  I am going to get the bracelet, I eat the crackers in bed and get up slowly, bread is my comfort food unfortunately my tush is getting more fluffy with each piece of bread.  I don't want to take another pill (I REALLY don't like taking pills at all).  My husband looks at me with helpless eyes and I am sitting in meetings at work gagging wishing these coworkers and their perfume/stinky lunches/coffee breath would disappear.   I am a wuss, I know it but this morning sickness thing just isn't working for me.  I am 35 and drooling!  I actually drooled when talking to my boss the other day!!  I practically have a slurpee in my mouth (TMI but you know what I mean ladies!!) I mean, did MS every serve any purpose for women in nature?  Ugh - time to give it another heave-ho.  Thank you for "listening".   Support, kind words and any funny stories would be greatly appreciated. 

Re: The crackers just aren't helping (Rant)

  • Suck on a lemon I know it sounds crazy but it has worked for my nauseousness.

  • I tried eating saltines like everyone told me to do... and it just made me feel like barfing saltines.
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  • Actually, some scientists do hypothesize that M/S had an evolutionary purpose at one point--to keep Mom away from foods that were natural toxins. 


    I was in your boat until last week.  I went with the Zofran.  I started losing a lot of weight very quickly.  I didn't throw up much but was sick 24/7.  Even woke up in the middle of the night nauseous.

    By the by, crackers work for me, but ginger ale and ginger tea and ginger snaps all give me heartburn BAD, and only minimally help the nausea.  So they work for a lot of women, but NOT EVERYONE.  When I was feeling sick and someone asked me if I'd "tried ginger" they almost got their heads ripped off.  Angry

    Try sour candy (jolly ranchers, lemonheads, sour patch kids).  They seem to help, but don't eat too much or you get junk tummy.


  • image AbJams:
    I tried eating saltines like everyone told me to do... and it just made me feel like barfing saltines.

     Yeah I am going through that right now.  I am sitting all day with watery eyes and mouths.  I am thinking about how January is gonna rock.  I have heard that magically at the 2nd trimester, you feel alot better.  Crossing my fingers!  Funny note - Nabisco must make a killing by pregnant women with their saltines.

  • I agree with sucking on a lemon..it works for me. GL!
  • I'm totally going to try the lemons!

    I've been eating crackers like its my job. I'm to the point now where I feel sick and eat the crackers even though I'm not hungry and sometimes that makes me feel worse because I'm stuffed and just piling more food in my stomach.

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