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Quitting the pill

We are looking to get pregnant in June or July.  I've been on the pill for, well, years.  How soon should I stop taking the pill in prep for concieving?

 Thanks in advance for the help!

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  • When you feel like it.



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  • image kdodge423:

    When you feel like it.


    This.... I would stop a few months before you want to start trying... it takes time sometimes for your cycle to regulate after being on BC for years.... good luck!

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  • I would say as soon as possible.  I have been off for 9 months now and my cycle is still not regular.  I suggest stopping the pill and starting to chart ASAP so you can get an idea of when your fertile days are.  This way, if you're not ready to get pregnant yet, you can use the information to avoid until you're ready.  At least you won't be beginning to figure it out when you're already ready to be pregnant.

    I wish I had started charting earlier, but unfortunately I didn't until we were already frustrated with TTC.

  • It's hard to say.  Some women get KU their first month off, some women take up to a year to have regular cycles.  If you want to go off early and aren't prepared to get pregnant before the summer, just use another method of protection.
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  • If you definitely don't want to get pregnant before then, and if you don't like using barrier contraception, then wait until June to quit the pill. :) Otherwise, any time.
  • Everyone is different.  It could take up to a year for your body to regulate after being on birth control.  If you stop taking BC but don't want to get pregnant yet, use a condom until you are ready. 

    Also, it may not that easy to get pregnant in the months you want.  I would have loved to get pregnant in June - it didn't happen and I am still hoping for my BFP.  GL to you!


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  • I should have quit the pill a little bit before I did. I have learned it is not as easy for some as it is for others to get pregnant.

  • My doctor recommended stopping 3 months before. 
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  • Best of luck getting pregnant the month you want to, but it usually doesn't work out that way.  If that was the case, I would be due May 2010, but they I'm not due at all so we see how well that works out!  
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  • If you aren't ready for a BFP before a certain date definitely use a backup method.  We got pregnant on our first 2 weeks off BCPs.  FWIW, I was on BCPs for 10yrs.  I was shocked my body remembered what to do so quickly :)
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