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Anyone here do Bento?

I am considering starting. I think it would be an easy way for portion control and to ENJOY the food I am eating rather than shoveling in crap.


Anyone? LaptopLunches look pretty good, but I am not sure where to start. 

Re: Anyone here do Bento?

  • I bought a laptoplunch a while ago. I though it was a cool idea but the containers weren't big enough to hold anything! If I wanted to take a large salad it didn't work. Normal size sandwiches were also too big. It became too big of a pain to pack it. The portions were just too small imo. 
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  • I've been toying with the idea.  This site has a lot of good info.
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  • I dont do it much now, but I used to do a lot of Bento. LOVE IT. And once you get in the habit, it's easy. The portions seem small at first, but thats because we're all used to ginormously oversized portions. If you follow the instructions for how much of what to pack (it goes by fractions, it's pretty easy), you'll have perfect portions and all the right amounts of the right food groups.

    I LOVE this blog that is all about Bento- how to get started, recipes, ideas, etc. 

  • This site has executive Bento boxes.  Or Bento boxes for men.  They hold bigger portions.  I actually have a Bento box I pack with a lunch for DS if I know we're going to be out during lunch.  DH doesn't take lunch to work or I'd buy him one of the bigger Bento boxes.  I love 'em.
  • The link for JBox is a good one. Also this site gives some handy ways to make it. JBox, you can get your little containers. Go to amazon and you can get some other deals on egg molds, etc. I like the smaller boxes because you really don't need such large portions. The traditional ones work so well. And the seaweed dividers make such a difference with wet and dry food. Just Bento is very good place to start reading. Good Luck.
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