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For those of you who want more than 2 or 3 children ..


Thinking of the costs of one makes me shudder!

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Re: For those of you who want more than 2 or 3 children ..

  • My parents had 3 children, we all paid for our own cars and for college. As for me, I'm saving money out of every paycheck.
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  •   DH and I aren't going to be able to completely pay for our kids college but we are planning to help them. The four we have now all have college funds that we and my parents add to regularly. Are you talking about cars for us or our kids? DH and I aren't planning on buying our kids their first cars. We both bought our own.

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  • my parents didnt buy us cars or pay for college. DH is in the process of getting his dream job and we will be more than financially secure when the time comes but we have no plans on paying for cars. college, we will pay for, but i think saving for a car teaches a kid responsibility. i got a job at 15 and bought my first car at 16, im super proud of that!
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  • not all parents do that.  it's not actually required.  i got my mom's hand-me-down truck when i turned 18 (shared a car with her until then), and paid my own way though college. 

    but i do see you point about the price-even just the monthly grocery bill would be crazy i would think!


  • I had 2 younger siblings, we're all 2 years/grades apart and we all shared the same car through HS (for awhile my sister & I shared with our dad too). In college my parents helped out with a downpayment on a used car but we were responsible for monthly payments. They paid for part of college using loans but we were also responsible for our share with scholarships and loans.

    It can be done, it just takes flexibility and financial planning. As long as we live in Alaska our children's PFD money will go towards their college education which we'll have in a special account geared towards saving $ for higher education.

  • I paid for my own college, and my brothers and I all shared a used car. DH and I plan on paying for all undergrad for our kids (hopefully). We save about $3K every month from our paychecks and put into savings.
  • I would be a blessing to be able to do those things, but not everyone does. We hope to teach our children about budgeting, good financial planning, and to have a good work ethic.
  • image Erin5849:
    I paid for my own college, and my brothers and I all shared a used car. DH and I plan on paying for all undergrad for our kids (hopefully). We save about $3K every month from our paychecks and put into savings.

    wow!  that is freaking awesome!  color me jealous!


  • We opened a bank account for Nathan and every week we add money to it. So, anything we get from people as gifts, we stick right in there as well. It doesn't matter if it's $10 a week, that really adds up. My first car was a POS and I think that is what we'll do for Nathan and future children unless they can buy a nice one of their own. Kids normally find some way to ruin their first cars anyway so why buy them a nice one. As far as everything else goes, you just do what you can. Raise your kids to appreciate the small things so when big things come, they'll be even more grateful.
  • I don't feel like I have to buy cars for all of my kids. Kids can share cars, get a job and learn responsibility. I would like for them all to be able to attend college reasonably, and will put money away with that goal in mind, but I think they can pay for part of it themselves and get student loans if they need to. I did it and my parents paid half and I am happy I contributed to my education. To me having family is more important than being able to give my kids everything handed to them. As long as I can support them and let them enjoy life and learn it's lessons than I think that makes me a good parent.

    Also, I have to say that some of the poorest kids in my high school ended up attending college and getting their masters, while a lot of the richest ended up on coke and wasting away their early twenties in the bars. You can acomplish a lot depending on your motivation, not just your parents' income.

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  • I am one of 6 kids. We all payed for our own way through school. My parents also never bought us cars. We all got part time jobs at around 16 and if we wanted big expensive things we bought it ouselves.
  • My husband and I have four girls. Athena?s 16, Danielle?s 14, Samantha?s 9 and our newest member Autumn Rose is almost 4 months. My husband has a well paying job to where I?m able to stay home with my girls and I feel blessed everyday that we?re able to do so. We will help all four through college and life when needed. In relations to transportation we will help but not pay fully. My husband and I feel certain necessities in life such as a car, automobile insurance ETC should be worked for through them selves. Our home will always be open when they need a place to rest in life.

  • Private school P-12th--We live under our means as to afford 

    Cars--I'm not worried about, we'll be 2 income by then & I expect the girls to work in HS

    College--Frankly, MIL is loaded & already has it taken care of

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