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Feeding Schedule

I feel as though Nathan (19 weeks)  is ready to step up solid foods but I'm not exactly sure how to go about it. Mommy's, can you please share with me your feeding schedule and some suggestions for my little man. I've heard so many things about no fruit first or yes fruit first or no meat until 8 months it's all so confusing haha.... what works best for you and your little one?

Nathan's feeding schedule is like this:

6-8am: 6oz

10am: 4-6 oz

1:30 pm: 4-6 oz

3:30- 4pm: 6 oz

7:30 pm: 6oz

10pm: 1tbsp cereal & 8 oz bottle

I am also trying to get him in bed earlier but he is teething so... that's been REAL fun haha... I think that if he feels more fulfilled i.e solids, he may be ready for bed earlier and not need that 10pm feeding.


Re: Feeding Schedule

  • DS started on cereal about two weeks ago and we are now doing sweet potatoes. My pedi didn't give me any strict guidelines on what to start when other than stage 1 foods for now.

    8am - 7 oz

    11am - cereal and sweet pots, 6 oz bottle

    2pm - 6 to 7 oz

    5pm - 4.5 oz

    6pm - sweet pots or cereal

    7:45pm - 6 to 7 oz  then bed at 8

     DS set his bedtime a couple months ago.  He started getting fussy at the same time every night and so we started putting him down at 8 and he has been sticking with that since.  This isn't a strict schedule, I find he does better eating less dinner at night and more bottle.

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