3rd Trimester

At what point do they stop labor?

So if I am having PTL would they stop it or just let nature runs its course? I am so nervous. Yes, I know none of you are my doctor, but you ladies sure do know a lot.
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Re: At what point do they stop labor?

  • My OB said past a certain point in dilation they can't stop it so to not hesitate to go in but she said she will stop it till 37 weeks for liability reasons.
  • My OB trys to stop anything before 36 weeks.  After that they let whatever happens happen.
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  • I think it depends on your Dr and your hospital. Some hospitals at 34w would try to stop it, but others would have you deliver. Some I think it's more around 36w, while others its 37. Not sure why the descrepancy, but I've found a lot of that between hospitals and practicioners.
  • It does vary between OBs and hospitals alot.  My Dr won't stop labor after 36 weeks, but I know some will up until full term (37 weeks).

    It also depends on if it's just contractions or water breaking.  My water broke w/ DS so they didnt' stop labor even though I wasn't 36 weeks because the risk of infection was high.  But, if it had just been contractions the Dr would have tried to stop them w/ meds.


  • My CNM (and the whole office including the OBs there) doesn't stop labor after 35 weeks unless there's another concern.  After 35 weeks, I'm not supposed to call/go to L&D unless I'm in labor.  At least, that's how it was with the girls and she's said our "goal" is January 1st (35 weeks) with this one.  DD#2 came at 36w2d and no one even talked about trying to stop it.
  • This varies greatly from doctor to doctor and even patient to patient with the same doctor. Yesterday my OB said they would not stop labor from this point on. I was exactly 34 weeks when she told me this. This is one particular OB's opinion based on my medical history, this specific pregnancy, and the estimated growth and development of my baby.
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  • I went in at 35 1/2 weeks with contractions 10 minutes apart.  I was 3cm dilated at first check, almost fully effaced and 3.5 at next.  That was about when I started asking "so, when do we talk about making this stop" and they said "you aren't going anywhere - baby's on the way"

    I've read posts from other ladies who had contractions stopped at L&D at 37 weeks, though.  I suppose it has more to do with how baby looks on the monitor, how big baby is, etc then on actual dates.

    FYI, Rowan ws born about 6 hours after the aforementioned conversation, lmost 7 lbs and perfectly healthy other than an initial low sugar (from my GD) and a bruised face (from his rapid descent) so I guess the doctors and nurses knew what they were doing :)

  • Some OBs it's 35 weeks some it's 36 or later

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  • I really think it depends on your dr and your medical history. One of my best friends went into ptl at 36 weeks (so not that preterm) and the dr on call (that happens to be my dr) stopped her labor. Her dr told her that she would have let her go ahead and deliver then. My dr told me she will stop labor anytime before 37 weeks for healthy people.
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  • Mine says he'll stop it anytime up to 35 weeks (which is Sunday for me! OMG!).

  • Per my OB's instruction, I'm staying on bedrest and Procardia until 36w.  Other than that, he won't stop labor after 35w (such as using Magnesium).
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