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Major cramping...contractions?

Ok, so whenever I walk for any period of time (aside from just quick trips around the house) I get cramps. It's really low, just about where my underwear line is, and it's strong but not unbearable. I occasionally get cramps a little bit, but today it was just terrible. Someone actually asked me if I was having contractions because of how I was breathing. I said I didn't know because..well...I don't. I've never had contractions before, but I thought the whole tummy got rock hard, and mine doesn't do that. Oh, and on top of the cramps, I also have INSANE lightning crotch.

So does anyone else get this? I have an appt on Monday and I'm going to bring this up to my OB (again), but I am just kind of worried. 



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Re: Major cramping...contractions?

  • Mine started like that yesterday, cramping then contractions where my belly would get really tight. They were just BH but were painful and caused a lot of discomfort. After several hours I called the Dr and went to L&D to make sure it wasn't preterm labor. They monitored me and I was fine. They also give me some sleeping meds so I could relax and rest. Hope you feel better! Get lots of rest and drink lots of water! T&P!
  • I am relaxing and drinking water, but the cramps are still happening a little bit. So...are these mild contractions? Sorry for the ultra-newbie questions, I avoid Google when it comes to the baby because I just find scary results.
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  • Yeah, the Google can be scary. :) If it becomes too painful or frequent, I would call the DR just to be safe. Hope you feel better! Thinking of you!
  • I was having pre-menstrual feeling cramps this weekend and it ended up being a bladder infection. Maybe call your doc and see if you can get in tomorrow if they don't get any better tonight. If they don't stop tonight or get worse of course I would call tonight.
  • Ok, so my mom and DH just called (separately) for no reason, but I told each of them what's up. They both insisted that I call my doc, so I did and now I'm just waiting for a call back.

    My mom lives in Pennsylvania and has herself convinced that I am going into labor so she's packing her suitcase right now. Oh my goodness.

    And now I am stressing big time, causing these dumb cramps to be even stronger. Grr!

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  • Okay....so the Doc called back and he (not my normal female doc) wants me to go in to see him tomorrow to check my cervix and get some tests done. He told me to call again if they continue tonight and then I'll likely have to go to L&D. Blahhh.
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  • Of course, #1 is to try to stop stressing.  Not like that's possible, but...

    Your doc may send you to L&D to get monitored, just to make sure it's not PTL.  If you're anything like me they'll stop right before you get there.  :-)

    It may be "real" contractions, or BH, but even if they're real they might not make you dialate.  I get them all of the time and every day it seems I have to restrict my physical levels more.  (I have a history of PTL w/ DS and I ignored all of this stuff - he came at 35w 6d). 

    Don't stress, remember that even if you go to the hospital they have meds, IV's etc that they can and do use to slow or stop labor.  So, if the monitors show contractions you'll know and be able to treat them.


  • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am really trying to calm myself down. Yeah, it's not working, but I'm trying.
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  • keep track of how often they are happening.  If they start to form a regular pattern, call the doc back and let him know.  But I'll parrot the advice to drink lots of water, and if you haven't already tried it, lay down for a while on your left side to see if they go away.  Dehydration can cause cramps which can turn into labor because your uterus is agitated (my DS#1).  And if hydrating doesn't make the contractions/cramps stop, at least you'll have well hydrated veins to make it easier to get that IV in when you do go to L&D (my DS#2).
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