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Does swaddling help your baby sleep? Miracle Blanket advice.

I just bought the Miracle Blanket and wondering if any of you has had success with it.

I have 6wk old and he still gets up twice in the middle of the night. I know he can go 5-6hrs he's done it before several times. Matter of fact for the 1st 3wks of life we had to wake him at night at the 5hr mark. but i heard about swaddling and curious as to what you guys have thought.  

Re: Does swaddling help your baby sleep? Miracle Blanket advice.

  • DD slept best when she was swaddled.  We kept her swaddled at night until she was 3-4 months old.
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  • It's worth a try.  My LO has been swaddled from day one.  He won't stay asleep in his crib for more than 5 minutes without a swaddle, and the miracle blanket is the only one he doesn't escape from.  If yours is already sleeping that long, the swaddling may or may not add much.
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  • w/ DD1 it made a huge difference... 3ish hours swaddled vs. no more then 30 minutes at a time w/out. She was a very bad sleeper though!

    DD2 hates it and fights it like mad, so it doesn't work for her.

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  • Absolutely, swaddling works for us.
  • I have no idea what a miracle blanket is, but we swaddled all our babies in regular blankets "burrito style" and it was a life saver.

    Try calling the hospital where you delivered and ask if one of the recovery nurses can teach you their technique.

  • If my DD's swaddle is secure enough and the conditions are right (had a good feeding just before bed) she will sleep 7 hours. I think the Miracle Blanket is supposed to be good for that (I have one but have been too intimidated to try it, and we have nice receiving blankets that are cozy and good for swaddling).

    But if she breaks her swaddle, she definitly doesn't go that long. Try it out! Some babies don't like the swaddle. My DD fights it when she's really fighting sleeping all together, but if I am persistent and even kind of hold her tight so she can't break out, sleep soon follows.

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  • I swaddle my lo every night.  She has no pattern really as far as how long she'll sleep though...  It's different every night.

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  • the miracle blanket is wonderful especially for Houdini babies like mine

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  • Yes, we've found that swaddling DD really helps her sleep longer.  It also helps to calm her down when she's having a fit.  We use the aiden & anias mylin (sp.?) cotton blankets from Target.  They were $30 for 4 blankets, and even though they are super thin they keep DD plenty warm at night.  She sleeps in a sleeper & swaddled in one of those blankets.
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