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Anterior placenta and kicks

I really wish there was a working search function because I know this has been asked before.  I have an anterior placenta and was told I would not feel kicks until later.  I swear I felt something the past two mornings when I first woke up.  It was kind of like little bumps in my lower abdomen.  They haven't happened at all during the day, so now I am doubting myself.  When did you first start feeling movement? I'm going to feel really silly if it was just gas, but it felt different.

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Re: Anterior placenta and kicks

  • I have an anteior placenta as well.  I'm also a second-time mom.  Taking that into consideration, I felt this one's first kicks, for sure, at around 17 weeks.  Now I feel them very consistently and DH and DS could feel the bugger from the outside around 19-20 weeks. 

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  • I also have an anterior placenta and I haven't been able to feel anything, that is until I bruised my uterus in a car accident....I can feel it when the baby kicks now.  But it all honesty, my Dr. said I wouldn't feel real movement until after 22 weeks. 
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  • I also have an anterior placenta... What you felt is more than likely the baby.  I am in my 22nd week and have been feeling movement now for about 4 weeks.  I hadn't felt the baby move much during the day until this week, mostly he moves in the early morning and right before bed time.  Isn't it the greatest feeling in the world??
  • I have an anterior fundal, so it's a little higher.  I felt kicks early, but they were little & inside my lower abdomen--DH could feel nothing on the outside.  I'm just getting to the point where the baby is kicking hard enough to be felt on the outside.



  • Started feeling kicks around wk 17. Consistant kicks around wk 19. Don't count it off as just gas. Get excited!!!

  • I started feeling some little movements...not consistent and not strong... around 18 or 19 wks.
  • I as well have an anterior placenta...  I started feeling "pops" a couple weeks ago just on the sides of my belly.  The last four days they've become more constant and I started feeling them lower as well.  As if my ute has grown a bit higher so the placenta isn't in the way. It's exciting because I know they'll grow stronger from this point!

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