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XP- Need a little support

Posted over on the high risk board. I was diagnosed with GD last week.  First I was so upset, than shocked, now depressed.   I am 100% depressed.  I went to have a "snack" today, and I could have 1/4 a cup of peanuts or 1/2 a cup of cucumbers (exactly 5 slices) WHO THE HELL are they kidding?! I'm STARVING!  STARVING.  I am GROWING A HUMAN BEING INSIDE ME.  5 Cucumbers isn't going to cut it. I could have had 7 crackers with a smidge of humus... oh that's a huge improvement. I'm so hungry, so upset, so depressed.  I HATE THIS. I can't eat like this.  Breakfast... than a snack, than lunch, than a snack, than dinner.  That's not how I eat, it's not how it fits into my schedule to eat, and I'm FRUSTRATED.I know I know I know, this is for the good of my baby.  I have 9 weeks to go, and I have only gained 11 pounds.  How BIG do they fear this baby will be? :( My blood pressure is great.   I'm already upset about Thanksgiving.  What can I eat? 1/4 a cup of green beans? while everyone else eats mashed potatoes and gravy...and I sit there wanting to cry.Maybe I'm being hormanal, but please - tell me I am not alone feeling lke this.  I hate this with every fiber of my being.I want to eat normal and not have to measure every ounce I put in my mouth.  I want to fill up this pit of hunger I have with FOOD, not "pretend" food. Talk me down. Please :(  

Been Trying since April 2011. Went to an RE on 10/31/11, Had a Follow up appt after a bunch of FUN tests, on 12/5. DX w/hypothroidism (common after having a child) Put me on Levothyroxine on 1/5 and two months later, we have a jellybean! I'm shocked. All because of my stupid thyroid.





Re: XP- Need a little support

  • For one thing, you should never be starving. With GD I eat more now than I ever ate before and I'm never ever starving. There are other options for you to eat, besides 5 slices of cucumbers. Most Vegetables should be unlimited for one thing so I'm not sure who told you that you could only have 5 slices.  and not only should you have eaten a vegetable but you could have *also* eaten the protien (peanuts) because proteins are very good for you.

    I think you need to sit down and speak with your dietician again to get a better hold of the diet, because if you are starving, you're also starving your body and that's very unhealthy.

    also, you are a human being. you aren't expected to be perfect all the time. Thanksigiving is coming and you should be able to enjoy your meal, a lot of those things are very good for you, you may just have to limit the potatoes and only have a smidge of pie.

    either way you should speak with your doctor, I don't think you have a handle on your diet from the way you're talking

  • You are NOT the only one who feels that way.  I hated it through both my GD pregnancies.  Look at adding meat and cheese to meals and snacks.  They are more filling, the protein is good for you, and they don't have much, if any carb to count.

    I had trouble keeping hydrated without being able to drink milk or juice when I wanted to, but when I got a cold I discovered I could make a big mug of chicken broth and drink it between meals.  Not exciting, but took the edge off the hunger.

    Ask your dietician about icecream for a bedtime snack.  Mine actually recommended it.  HaagenDas has these single serving things with a spoon in the lid and I stocked up and had one each night.  Gave me something to look forward to during the day, and it was satisfying to finish a whole container, even if it was a really tiny one.

    You might also hit the websites of your favorite restaurants and see what fits into lunch.  I discovered that a small bowl of Mushroom Stroganoff with beef at Noodles and Company fit perfectly into my 45-60grams of carbohydrate lunch requirement.  I ate that almost every day for lunch, which wasn't great for the budget, but it was nice to not have any decisions to make, an excuse to leave the office mid day every day, and at least one meal a day I knew I would enjoy, though it took a couple weeks before the small size with no bread or soda seemed like enough.

    And keep telling yourself it's only temporary.  When baby is born you can have DH bring your favorite meal to the recovery room, or ask a friend to send a tin of brownies.  You will certainly have earned it by then.

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