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38 weeks and sick!

Mostly a whine.

So I'm 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant meaning that I could go into labor whenever, and I'm SO sick. I was sore and uncomfortable before this and complaining a little. Now that I'm sick I'm feeling 10 times worse. I feel hot, am hacking up phlem (sorry TMI), sore throat, and my lower back and hips make it impossible to sleep! Grrr. I was worried about this when my daughter got sick last weekend. Now I just want to be healthy and comfortable!

What can I do to get out of this horrible negative mind set?

Also, did anyone ever have a cold during delivery?

Re: 38 weeks and sick!

  • I really don't want to scare you, but you need to go to the doc especially if you are running a fever because it could be H1N1.  Those were my exact same symptoms.  If you get the tamiflu in time then you will start feeling better almost immediately.  I hope you feel better soon.



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  • ditto you need to call your doctor if you have a fever. I just got treated for H1N1 this past week. Started out with a cough, sniffly nose, got really tired and achy all over then a fever. I called the doctor and he had me take Tylenol at first to bring down the fever and had Tamiflu called in for the next day.

    I am feeling much better now and I only one days worth of meds left to take. I am sorry you are sick. I was terrified I would go into labor earlier this week knowing I barely had the strength to walk across the house. Hoping the baby stays put and you feel better.

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  • Thanks to both. Fortunately this really was just an annoying cold. My LO waited till I was feeling much better. Luckily my cold made little impact to delivering naturally. Madison and I are doing well
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