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My 3yr old son goes to a daycare center that incorporates preschool into his daily schedule.  Recently his teacher from last year was let go due to budget cuts.  He loved her as a teacher last year.  This woman raised 11 of her own kids, so she's really good with kids.  So now she is starting her own daycare from her home and has asked if we would be interested in sending our son to her daycare.  I also have been noticing lately that there are issues at the daycare center with the director, who is kinda harsh with the kids when she's there, and some of the other teachers are complaining about her.  So my dilema is this:  We have always wanted our son to be in a "preschool" or daycare that focuses on teaching kids and prepping them for school.  We also like the fact that he's made friends at daycare and is benefitting from the social atmosphere.  BUT, we could save $55 per week going with a teacher that he really liked when he was in her class.  And I don't care for him being around the director who is constantly shouting at people, even though she's not his actual teacher.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm just afraid of change, because he definitely likes his daycare now.  What would you do?   

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  • I would go with the teacher he likes.  You know academically she'll have him well prepared for school and you'll save a lot of money.
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  • My DD goes to a home daycare, and a preschool curriculum is incorporated into the daily schedule.  The only difference is the class size--there would be more children at a center.  You might ask the teacher how she plans to handle this aspect in the home daycare.  Not all home daycares do the preschool activities, but she might be one who is planning to do so.
  • This seems like a no-brainer to me -- I'd switch him to the old teacher's in home center.  My guess is that she will follow many of the same routines that she is familiar with from the center so your son will end up getting the same preschool type of schedule.  Plus, it sounds like she is planning on having other children besides your son so he will still get the social interaction that a center provides. 

    It sounds like your gut is telling you that there are issues with the center.  I'd say follow your mommy instinct with the center.

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  • Ask your son's former teacher how she plans to handle her daycare.  Maybe she will be including the preschool part.  My DD goes to an in-home and the provider has a master's in psychology/child development.  She has purchased a preschool curriculum to do with the kids.  The 3 & 4 yo's do the preschool lessons while the younger kids take their nap.  As a matter of fact, in the two years that DD has gone there, I have yet to see one of her kindergartners start school without knowing how to read.  Three of the kids left to attend "real" preschool but were back within 6 weeks because their parents said they learned much more from our DCP.  It is possible for you to get both a good preschool program and a really loving, home-like environment if you find the right provider.

    Also, according to our DCP, it's actually a lot easier to run the daycare with the preschool.  It's a planned portion of the day that DCP doesn't have to worry about.  She says the day goes by much quicker because they all stay busy and it is more "interesting" for her as a care provider.  Maybe pass that suggestion on to the former teacher--she might like the sound of having some structure to her daycare and incorporate it into her program.

  • Is she only taking preschool age kids or kids of all ages? Is she planning to incorporate preschool activities into the day? How many kids is she going to have? What are her plans for vacations/holidays/sick days? What will her hours be?

    At 3 years I prefer a center for the educational and social aspects. But if she were to run the daycare more like a preschool, I think I would be okay with that. Then my only concerns would be the usual ones I have with an in-home. Where would I bring DD if DCP is sick or on vacation? Would her hours work with my schedule?

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