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Rpst: What meds can I take for this horrible cough?

Hoping I can get some answers cuz this cough is killing me.

 I have had this cold but the cough has gotten a lil bit worse.  I might be pregnant since my period is late but have to wait to take the test.  In the meantime what can I talk to calm this cough that is safe if i was pregnant?        I can't even talk without getting a cough attack, it's worse at night as well and can't sleep.


Re: Rpst: What meds can I take for this horrible cough?

  • I was told by my dr. that I could take Robitussen DM but then when I talked to the pharamcist about it, she said it was class C (not a good level) and she would not recommend taking it.  Really, I don't think there is much of anything you can take that is safe.  Try, hot drinks, soup, etc.  Maybe some honey, it is thick and might coat your throat so you don't cough.  Good luck.  I have a cold and cough and it is not fun. 
  • I took Robitussen DM. My OB said it is fine. All medications say consult your doctor first. My DS turned out fine  :)
  • I would take a test and see if your pregnant. Don't torture yourself. I am 17 weeks pregnant and have had a cold for 2 weeks. My dr. said since I am in the 2nd tri I can take robitussin, sudafed or benadryl. In 1st tri, she said I can only take tylenol. Benadryl worked the best for me at night, although I was up every 3-4 hours to take more. 

     Also many women don't know they are pregnant for the 1st month and are out drinking and such and the baby is fine. 

    My advice is take a test, if your not, take whatever works for you. If you are, call your dr. Being sick when pregnant is not fun just to warn you, especially in 1st tri since you cannot take anything.

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