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Need advice...

So my hubby just became friends with this guy and he invited us to his wedding...

I met him once..My hubby tattooed him (he is a tattoo artist) and talks to him on the phone, during football games, xbox etc.

I do not want to go..I told my hubby and he said that I am being mean..


What will I wear, I don't want to give 300 bucks to this guy and his wife, we will know like 3 people there, we never even got an invitation just a call saying we are invited and my hubby saying we are going..so I will have to sit at a table with strangers, my hubby will be going to smoke a cigar with the two guys he knows, and going to the bar, and he will keep asking me why I am so miserable and anti-social..umm because i don't know anyone and I can not drink..so what shall I do here besides eat and go pee..

What should I do? My husband will be a big baby if I keep saying I don't wanna go o and it is in 2 weeks..


Re: Need advice...

  • I'd go, its not worth the fight. i just went to my hubbys friends wedding this week at 38.5 weeks preggos lol
  • I say suck it up and go. Its your DH's friend, and your DH wants to go and he wants to go with you. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't. Yeah, you probably won't have the best time, but i'm sure your DH has gone many places with you where he didn't know anyone or didn't really want to go. but that's what marriage is about.

    now, as for giving a $300 wedding gift, i think that's a bit much, but that's just me.

  • if you don't mind fighting...stick to your guns and say you don't wanna go! my thoughts would be...free food and cake! lol then if you're still resentful for going, just make your hubby feel a little guilty and squeeze a little massage out of him later or something

  • I would go since your DH has already told him you'd be there, and since he is DH's friend. As far as $300...I don't even give that much to family members or close friends. $30 max would be what I'd give to people I am not super close to.
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  • We separate for functions that we don't want to go to. We decided that it's worse to force the other spouse to come, just to be miserable somewhere, while we are miserable watching them be miserable etc and then end up leaving early. If he goes to a friend's wedding, I can stay home and he can have a good time and not worry about me.

    Not everyone would be comfortable with this idea but we've been together long enough that we know it works best for us. Good luck. You can always use a pregnancy excuse..

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  • I would go...it's good to get out. And besides, you may end up meeting other women that are nice. (And $300 for a wedding gift? ... man, i shoulda invited you to my wedding!)
  • $300 bucks???  *picks up jaw from floor*

    Go and get the free cake.  Wedding cake is the best!  You don't have to make a late night of it either.  Strike a compromise by agreeing to go as long as he considers you will be exhausted earlier than usual.  Maybe you'll get a few fun dances in while you're there too.

  • I'd go, but let your DH know that you'll be leaving after dinner is served or at x time or whatever, with or without him.

    And I don't think I've spent $300 on anyone's wedding gift, family and best friends included, that's ridiculous. 

  • I understand why you don't want to go but I agree with what the others have said, Do it for your husband. You may have a good time and once the baby comes there will be fewer times that you'll be able to get out with him. As for the gift, go with something cheaper because you don't really know them: kitchen towels, picture to hang in their house, or even a gift card.

  • 200-300 is the normal amount to give at weddings in our area..The people usually go for about 200 a person for the wedding so everyone tries to give as close back to them as possible...we are not rich at all...so i hate to give to total strangers but my husband feels like it is the right thing to do bc we would want the same in return...so annoying I know..
  • I could probably get him down to 200 but still....and if I say we will leave at a certain time he will say ok and then make me feel bad when it is that time..I know him like a book and then I will be the bad guy to everyone as usual...
  • I'd tell him to go by himself if he wants to go and you don't.  There's no rule that says you have to go everywhere together.

    And I'm with most other pp's.  $300 is a LOT for a gift, esp if it's someone you barely know.

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  • $300.00 wedding gift is a really big gift for a semi-friend who called invited. I'm just saying.

    I would go and mingle. It's not that hard to talk to a few strangers you sit with for a couple hours. I'm very social though. We have agreed to never pout or look unwilling to be there. We will both call each other out on something like this, but it's usually DH.

  • I say suck it up and go. It sounds like your dh really wants to, so if the situation was reversed wouldnt you be upset if he said he wouldnt go with you?

    And I agree with pp......why do you need to spend $300? A much smaller gift should be more than enough....especially since you didnt receive a formal invite.

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  • I guess I have to go especially because he will not go without me for a few reasons...He lost his license recently so he can not drive, it is at a place like 30-40 mins away, he has no one to ride there with nor will he ask someone for a ride (the two people he knows are in the wedding party) he will say everyone will ask why didn't your wife come, and then he will say I will hold it against him..you know..so it is a no win situation...I can not wait to have my baby... :)
  • The only reason why I would suck it up and go is because I make my DH go to all my friend's weddings and I am sure he doesn't want to be at any of them.  But he goes, because he is my husband.
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