Upgrading my Nikon D40, Suggestions?

As a holiday gift...Im able to upgrade my Nikon! Exciting!

 So I looked into a few since I still dont want to spend a lot of $$$ and keep it affordable.




The D300 is a camera I would love but the price is def holding me back since I wanted to keep it under $1k.




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Re: Upgrading my Nikon D40, Suggestions?

  • I have the D300s and LOVE it, hands down the best of those three!  You can probably find a D300 used.  If you still don't want to that, then the D90.
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  • I'd think about the D90 since it has almost movie like quality video too. It'd be kinda fun for catching snippits of the little ones on video too and with simple editing software make awesome slideshows of photos with movies. Great way to share things over the internet and with family who aren't close.

    I have the D300 and love it but I'm a professional photographer so can justify the cost. They just came out with the D300s which has video too if you're going that route.

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