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have you had weak spells or the feeling you will pass out? What did your dr say?

Every once-in-a-while, I have been having weak spells. I had them a few weeks ago (around 28 weeks) and then not again until today. Most nights, I feel SOB at night while watching tv, but I always think thats just the position of the baby. Its usually not that bad, and subsides fairly quickly if I move to a different position. Tonight, however, when I got up to get a glass of water, my arms got very weak, I felt SOB, I felt very warm, almost sweaty, although I was not sweating. I had to sit down in the kitchen. Even after I sat down, I got worse and actually thought I was going to pass out. But it soon subsided, Its been not quite an hour, and my arms still don't feel right. I had mentioned this to my OB and he said " its because at this point in pregnancy, your BP will drop." but he didn't say anything else. If you have had this happen, what did your doc say? oh BTW I am 30wks pregnant. Thanks!
Sorry, some were saying it could be low sugars. I totally appreciate your replies. I should have mentioned that I had finished supper about 2 hours before, and had just finished a small rice crispy square as a treat maybe about 30 min before this happened, so I don't think it would be low sugars. Thanks though, I totally appreciate your replies :)

Re: have you had weak spells or the feeling you will pass out? What did your dr say?

  • I did several times around 28-32 weeks.  My doctor didn't even have me come in, she said it's common, asked if I was congested (I was), and said to drink a lot of water.
  • What you are describing sounds like low blood sugar to me. You might try having a small glass of orange juice and then a snack like pb or cheese with crackers to keep you up - doesn't hurt! At this point in your pregnancy you are usually more insulin resistant (needing more insulin, so you would be high not low) but these last 2 weeks I have had some random, odd lows. Who knows!! Something to try at least...

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  • I did and actually fainted twice.  First time, doc said it is because of volume of blood and position of baby. Second time happened at work and an ambulance came and it turned out I had a UTI that was causing my weakness. It happened to SIL too when she had UTI.
  • I had this happen to me this morning. My doctor didn't seem concerned but I did sit in my A/C car for 20 minutes until I felt better (I wasn't home when it happened).  It could be low blood sugar like the pp, so maybe drink more water & grab a snack when it happens?
  • My CNM said I was probably dehydrated.  You need tons of water when you're PG.  More water and eat more often is all she recommended.  Totally normal, but frustrating, I know.
  • I had that exact same thing happen to me and I found out I was anemic. I'd suggest having your iron level checked.
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