3rd Trimester

So apparently I've started to snore!

Dh broke the news to me in the bathroom this morning- he came in and said I've "started to make noises at night." I was like, so does that mean I'm squeaking in my sleep or what? He was laughing at me saying that I've started to snore a bit and started imitating me- silly DH :) I snored toward the end w/ DD so I figured it would happen sometime, but I can't stand snorers, so it's annoying that I'm one of them now!
m/c 10/2003 @ 10 wks, missed m/c 1/7/09
DD born 2/19/2007, BFP 5/12/09, DS born 1/18/10
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Re: So apparently I've started to snore!

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