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3rd Tri GD question

Anyone with GD have their glucose levels suddenly drop off?  My levels have been consistently in the low 100s after meals.  Every couple of days they start to rise and my doc ups my meal time insulin and they go back to the low 100s for a few days before rising again.  Meanwhile, I am compulsively tracking every morsel I eat and having almost the exact same thing for meals each day to make sure I'm not doing anything to mess up the numbers.

At my last checkup with the endocrinologist a week ago she assured me this was normal as baby is growing.  "In fact, I'd only be worried if your numbers weren't going up."  Sure enough, that weekend, every reading came back in the 80s.  Next day my fasting reading was in the 60s and all my after meals have been under 100 since.  Today, I actually went to 53 after breakfast and called the doc in a panic.

Juice only brought me back up to 71, which puzzled the nurse, so she's checking with the doc and will call me back.  In the mean time, I'm freaking out a little and wondering if anyone else experienced something like this.  LO is as jumping bean as ever and NST was great yesterday, so he doesn't seem worried at least.

Re: 3rd Tri GD question

  • I haven't had this happen yet (and Im not sure it will being that I am a type 2 diabetic, not just suffering from GD) but supposedly the numbers start to drop as the placenta breaks down & your body begins to prepare for delivery.  
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  • Mine are super whacky lately.  I had a cupcake, fruit, and sandwiches at my shower the other day and 2 hours later I was at 100.  Then I have something like a small sandwich on wheat bread and it shoots up to 140.  It rarely goes up that high but I can eat something one day and then eat the exact same thing the next day and my numbers will 20 points different.  I don't get it, I just keep trying and luckily I am rarely rarely ever over 120 or 90 for fasting.
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    supposedly the numbers start to drop as the placenta breaks down & your body begins to prepare for delivery.  

    That's what I'm afraid of - it seems too early (just shy of 36 weeks)!  But then, I've been feeling really DONE the past few days, so part of me hopes that's it and part of me hopes it isn't.

    Please just let me see your brother's big performance on Saturday, LO! I'll take back the "grounded if you come before 11/30" comment.  I can reschedule that one if I must.

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