3rd Trimester

Left Side Pain

Hi ladies!

Tonight is the second time in the last week that I've had this horrible L. side pain. Its like a sharp constant pain in my left side, below my rib cage, that kind of radiates to my L. lower back.  I've been told it could possibly be the baby pressing on my L. kidney? I've been trying to shake him off that side and that did help a little bit.  Anyone have any thoughts/ suggestions?

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Re: Left Side Pain

  • It's most likely just those muscles stretching from your growing belly.  (They wrap around to your back.)  It always felt like that for me, and also like my muscles were being pulled away from my ribs.  Fun stuff ;)

    Try changing positions laying down, or taking a warm shower :)

  • I had that too this past weekend! It felt like it wrapped around my side. I thought it might be gas hahaha!

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  • Yea. I been trough that too you should comment it to your doctor because mine came from an urinary track infection in the beginning of my pregnancy, and then somehow it ended in a kidney infection. My pain was the same, but to the R. They also told me the baby was pressing down on my R kidney and caused the kidney to grow twice it's normal size =l ... it was so painful. Yet, this far along maybe it is just the baby going on one side too much.
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