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Anyone else NOT taking any classes?

I am not taking any birthing classes. Just my personal preference, I feel like they are a waste of money. It is my first but i feel like I will be fine with or without the classes. My friends all say they are useless and when it comes to labor you forget what you "learned".

Any opinions? Anyone want to share why they may not be taking any classes..

The ones at the hospital I am delivering are like $500 for 3 classes 2 hours each. Also during hours my hubby works.

Re: Anyone else NOT taking any classes?

  • Nope. I took one with DS, and would agree with your friends- it was a complete waste of time. I did like the infant safety/care class (though learning how to put a diaper on a plastic doll was silly- I'd cared for enough infants that I'd changed more than a few diapers in my day!), and would probably have added an infant CPR class (DH is certified b/c of his job, but I haven't been recertified- I probably should look into that.) And the breastfeeding class was good for me, but mostly b/c I didn't do much research aside from that on my own.
  • I didn't want to (I'm one that would just rather not know some of the nitty-gritty because I worry about it if I know too much in advance), but DH really did.  We are taking childbirth prep at our hospital (5 nights, 2 1/2 hours each night), but it included the tour, help with filling out my birth plan, and infant care.  It was only $60.  $500 is CRAZY and I wouldn't take a class that cost that much either!  I don't feel like I've learned a ton, but we do feel better about our birth plan now.

  • I didn't take any classes. We had originally signed up and went to the first class, but after seeing what it would be about we (my dh and i both) made the decision that they just weren't for us, and got our money back. i don't regret my decision. those classes just arent' for everyone
  • At that price I wouldn't either! I didn't find it that helpful, but it was good for my DH as I wouldn't have remembered what all to tell him from what I learned on the bump and other sites and books.
  • We didn't take any classes. We decided they are probably a waste of money and it would cost about $250 at the hospital where I'm delivering. We have a high deductible insurance, so we have already paid over $2400 so far in deductibles and are going to max it out at $4000 once the baby is born. We have spent a lot on everything else like furniture, so we figure we would rather save what we could be spending on classes and not getting much out of them. I know I won't be the first woman to not take a birthing class and the baby's going to come whether I'm breathing a certain way or not!

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  • We just rented the Laugh and Learn childbirth videos from Netflix.

    The classes at our hospital were a little pricey, plus half of the class period is spent taking a tour- which we'd already taken.  The videos were great!

  • yeah, at first i wanted to take the birthing class but everyone tells me that its useless. I decided not to. the one at my hospital is only 100 and i thought that was high! 500? the only class i was interested in was birthing and breast feeding but i think i might just do breast feeding.
  • Ok I feel better now..We are taking the hospital tour and pre-registering...but the classes def. not..
  • I have never taken a class, but I cheated. I was raised by a childbirth educator, doula...
  • I'm not. I don't think they can teach you anything your mother or good friend couldn't. I personally think they should be either very cheap or free. The prices seem ridiculous to me.
  • I'm not taking a damn thing, lol.  I gave up class after college.
  • Nope. I wanted to take CPR, I need to be re-certified anyways. But there is nothing close by and I don't want to drive a couple hours away at 37+ weeks (when classes are available). My certification just lapsed, I remember it all, so I'll wait and re-certify once LO is here.
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  • Ours got cancelled and the other dates available just wouldn't work for us, so we aren't taking one now.  Thank you for the suggestion about the dvd on netflix.  It is now in my queue!  At least I won't go in completely blind and DH will be a little more prepared.
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  • I'm not taking any- all of my friends have said they are a total waste of time/money.

    The only reason I would take one is if I was going for a med-free birth.

  • I am not taking classes because I feel like you can't learn how to give birth you just have to go thur it, and the classes at our hospital were either while I was at work or when DH is in school. They had a saturday class but it was 8 hours.... No thanks. I downloaded some free podcasts off I tunes that were about pain coping and breastfeeding to listen to.
  • We aren't taking them either... They are on nights when DH and I both work, and I don't think they are that necessary. We will probably just rent some videos or something.
  • $500?!?! That is crazy! We took a childbirth class and a newborn care class with DS. The childbirth class was so pointless that we skipped two of them. Ours was completely useless I thought. The newborn care class really helped us a lot though. But DH and I had never even held a baby in the last five years so we were completely clueless!
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  • I did want to take some, but then decided it would be a waste of time. There's plenty of women who didn't take any and they're children are perfectly fine and healthy.
  • Wow.  At our hospital there are a ton of classes offered for free. 

    So far we took L & D and Baby Basics.  I thought they were kind of a waste of time but at least not a waste of money.  I mean I got some stuff out of it but not 4 hrs worth.  I think anyone would be fine to skip these unless they really don't have a clue.

    Tomorrow night we are taking Infacnt CPR which we paid $15/person for.

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