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my top picks, must haves for ( new) moms

just wanted to make a list of my favorite things that make life easier with a new baby, so you can have an idea of what to register for, or buy. other moms please reply with your top picks too.Big Smile

 electric breast pump ( i thought id be ok with just a manual bc im a stay at home mom....but its sooo nice to pump every day and store in the freezer!)

boppy pillow ( rad for feeding the baby, letting younger kids hold the baby, and for baby to sleep in when his nose is stuffy)

bordoux butt paste ( i thought this was a gag gift, but it works wonders on diaper rash)

swing ( swings mean i can take a shower, cook, or rest....)

the 5 S's ( happiest baby on the block- suck, side, swaddle , shh, swing)

velcro swaddle wraps

fleece zip-up wearable blankets

moby wrap ( or anny sling or baby carrier)

breast pads!

pee pee tee pees ( for little boys )

i know its alot but i LOVE my combi zues car seat, it rotates 360 degrees so baby can face you when your buckling ( and ofton struggeling) in the seat, then turn him back to rear facing. saves your back and sometimes your frustration. the only thing is you cant take it out.

Re: my top picks, must haves for ( new) moms

  • I agree with you on most things.  I never had a need for the boppy pillow but do know most women like it.  My kids did not like to be swaddled...they liked to lay on their tummies.  I had one carrier and neither of my kids liked it.  They didn't like to feel "confined" I guess (hence, no swaddling).  I had the breast pad but never had a need to use them.  I think I leaked once that I can remember and I was home so no big deal.  I like a carseat that is a combo...take out and put in the stroller.  You wouldn't need one that swivels because you put the baby in it and get them situated BEFORE you put them in the car. 

    I have no clue what the pee pee tee pees are...and I have 2 boys!  What are they?

    BTW...I had a manual pump with my first DD and I hardly ever used it...I thought it hurt!  I did better using my hand.  I contribute that to me only nursing until she was 5 months (had to supplement with formula when I would be away)  I loved the electric pump and had quite a freezer stash.  I was able to nurse the others until they weaned at 11-12 months.

  • As a long time nanny I will say a tee pee pee cup or whatever it is is the silliest thing on the market. A simple face clothe will prevent being pee'd on.

    Not all babies like swings. I nannied twins, one loved the swing, the other had a mini melt down when in it. Bouncy seat is a good idea - but wait and see what your baby likes or get both. 

    I would skip the travel system as they are big and bulky - go with either a light weight stroller that can hold a car seat (example: combi or peg perego make them) or get a snap and go.

    Most importantly though. Know YOUR needs. Not everyone's must haves fit in with everyones life style. 

    Oh and save your money on gadgets like bottle sterilizers and wipe warmers. You can boil water and if you run the dishwasher on high heat it does sterilize the bottles. And there will be a time and place where you can not warm a wipe and baby will get by just fine! 

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  • A good pump is a great gift for a breast feeding mom. For boys - you can just use a cloth diaper on them at changing time.

    Everything is kind of depends on your baby (some love the moby, some don't).


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  • Thanks so much for the list. I'm feeling pretty good that I've at least heard of these items so maybe I won't be completely inept!
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