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New Port Richey/Tampa OB-GYN?

Hey girls! My DH and I are just starting TTC, and I want to get established with an OB-GYN. I should be having my 6 month check-up this month anyway, so instead of going to my usual GYN I want to set up an appt. with hopefully the OB-GYN I will be using when I do get pregnant! I have heard some good things about Dr. Dinsmore, in New Port Richey.. but that is about it.

 Does anyone know of any good OB-GYN's in the New Port Richey, or Tampa area? I am looking for someone who will listen to me and what I want my birth plan to be, and also I am very passionate about wanting to strictly breastfeed- no bottles/formula, and want someone that is supportive. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :) 

Re: New Port Richey/Tampa OB-GYN?

  • Hi - In Tampa I love, love, love my practice.  My primary is Dr. Christopher Young, and the practice is Morris, Bray, Solomon, Perkins and Young.  They are all wonderful, especially Young, Bray and Morris.
  • Hi- I just gave birth to my first baby and my doc was awesome.  He is Dr. Ancheta...his oratice is called Ladies and Babys in NPR.  I highly recommend him and his staff.  He is personally there for all of his moms!!!
  • I also see Dr. Young and he delivered my baby girl 6.5 months ago.  Love him, love UCH women's center - can't say enough good things about the practice and all of the docs in it!
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  • Hello!  I go to Suncoast Womens Care.  It is an all female staff and they are awesome!  I go by just to visit them.  The practice is off of Mitchell Ranch Road and Little Road by the YMCA.  There are two dr.'s there, and  two are Midwifes all of them are GREAT!!  Their number is 727- 376-0060.

    Good luck TTC!

  • I go to Dr. Umstead in Trinity.  I've been with him for almost a decade and love him.  I've heard though, the general consensus is people either love him or hate him, LOL...I've never had a problem with him.  I've had a few procedures and a baby and he was terrific all the way through.
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